Hang in there world, just let me declutter first…

You may have noticed a theme in the latest posts. Let me explain.

Our baby is crawling, sticking everything at arms reach in her mouth, pulling up to standing and has developed a penchant for smashing things too. Luckily at the moment the smashing is restricted to little towers of children’s wooden alphabet blocks – but it’s enough for me to be frightened.

So, I’ve been on a mission to pack away my treasures for the foreseeable future, least they end up like the block towers. In doing so I keep discovering objects I’ve collected that I’ve been meaning to research. Hence the running theme of late.

Don’t worry this isn’t a total departure from the DIY and sustainable living stuff.. If you’ve been following me awhile you’ll see I’ve always been a bit RANDOM with the things I post. I am trying to keep up with posting something regularly even if I haven’t had the opportunity to do any projects…… Which unfortunately I haven’t of late. Soon though, it has to be soon, or I may well implode.

All the objects in my vast collection have been acquired through thrift stores, secondhand auctions or been given at some point in time…

Now I need to declutter and child proof our residence, so now I am sorting them out – which to keep and which to release back into the universe – I will post articles of some of the more intriguing things I stumble on and I hope you enjoy them too.

I feel like a one woman Antiques Roadshow and it’s such a thrill to discover the stories behind some of these objects!

Come treasure hunting with me…..