Designer Inspiration – new textiles in fashion


What is new in fashion design and I don’t mean in the traditional sense… I am not going to give you the social acceptance rating on polo neck sweaters – for that you will have to head somewhere else.

Think beyond normal clothing and textiles, think beyond ‘unwearable-uncomfortable-belongs-on-the-runway-and-not-on-the-everyday-body’ couture…. well actually think a pinch of crazy couture but dial in back 10 – 20 clicks and there’s your future normal (potentially).


I wear only the latest season Concrete garments…

Wearing cement garments – I know, I know, it’s a very strange concept. But check out these Concrete Garments by Ivanka, a concrete design group leading the way and specialising in all things concrete.

We’ve had plastic, Bamboo, natural fibres, man-made fibres, many have dabbled in using paper too – so, why not concrete? Ponder that for a minute or two.


You want more of the limelight, drape yourself in it….

These are not for me as I find them a little gaudy, but idea is interesting. Maybe with the right application ie. night cap you could be the source of your own reading light while you read your fav book in bed, or if your into night running and the street lights are few and far between you could light your way with luminescent active wear and of course there is always a safety first element – at least you wont be hit by cars, right?

A company called LumiGram have developed the solution for all of those that grew up in the 90’s rave culture and have not let go….. If this is you – you might like these…….

This gear is constructed of optic fibres and I guess they also come with their own concealed power and light emitting source. LumiGram will even custom make any garment you want. The more I look at it, the more I hate it – sorry, but it’s true.



New in footwear

Two companies are thinking ahead with new innovative ways to wear footwear that fits any shape foot. I have often searched high and low for a specific trending boot or shoe style only to be disappointed as they don’t fit my calves, ankles, or my feet arches are to high my foot to long and thin. I don’t have abnormal feet, it’s just that feet are all different. There are many of us that get custom made sport shoes fitted and designed to support our specific running, walking style and that is because the average shoe is not so average a lot of the time.

This shoe I am really excited about. I love the aesthetic appeal. It looks super comfy, and if I believe the hype they are very comfy… These shoes are the brainchild of Masya Hashimoto a Japanese designer. They are called the Furoshiki shoe and draw inspiration from traditional Furoshiki the art of wrapping using fabric to transport goods. I’d wear these.


Protocell Trainers

This next pair of shoes are not for me, but they are jaw droppingly amazing all the same.

These are self repairing protocell trainers that are constructed via 3D printer using biological cells. A really interesting concept.

These shoes made their first debut at the Wearable Futures Event in London earlier this year and were designed by Shamees Aden. Aden’s designs and concepts are incredible. These are not the only trainers the London designer is working on. Please visit her website by clicking her name above. If marbled aqua is not your shade you can get a pair of snow white Amoeba’s different look, different organisms, same durability. I urge you to check out her website.


Yes, we all know LEVI STRAUSS, and they’ve had their share of bad press over the years regarding production methods employed to make these iconic staples of everyone’s wardrobe.

This is an oldie that came as a pleasant surprise to me –  Levis launched a Jean that is made in part from recycled plastic bottles. That’s correct trash to jeans. How come I hadn’t heard about this until now? Probably because I live at the arse end of the earth, where we are somewhat removed from all the hype and wow of the northern hemi and all her goodies.

“Levi’s answer was to create two fashion lines – jeans and trucker jackets – that incorporate at least 20% post-consumer plastic recycled content……..The company has reused more than 3.6m bottles and food trays for the 300,000 Waste<Less jeans and jackets produced for its spring 2013 collection, bottles that would otherwise have ended up in landfill or been burnt in incinerators. This number will grow as production increases.” – The Guardian 2013

Introducing the Waste-Less Jean

It doesn’t stop there, LEVIS also has a Water-Less line that uses less water in production.

Sadly, not available in NZ as far as I can tell. If someone in the Northern hemi could generously donate a pair to me – that would be awesome…

Sustainable fashion is the new wave and it seems everyone is riding it, or at least trying to catch up. So, if you do a quick search you will find tons of references to a million, billion fashion labels established and starting out all caught up in this trend. two major themes that feature is that they source organic materials, or deal in fair trade. In all honesty and at the end of the day, the materials they use are they same as they always were (just a little nicer to the earth and inhabitants in they way the got to us)…. I.e. organically grown cotton is still cotton. Therefore major KUDOS goes to LEVIS for doing something different and gaining some carbon negative points with their actual attempt at reducing waste!! Super.

So just to reiterate, anyone who wants to donate a pair of Furoshiki shoes (in Grey, Black, or Blue) and a pair of waste-less or water-less jeans (Stretch, low or mid rise don’t care what style and Black), or a concrete clutch purse from IVANKA to the sole benefit of me. Its a good cause and I would be eternally grateful!!







Let me know what you think?

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