Seagrass should have stayed on the seashore.

This is a DIY easy peasy project. No instructions necessary and the miserable story behind it might entertain you.

I had a once was beautiful seagrass rug with a chevron weave. As mentioned in my last post ‘Trends emerging in 2016’ Seagrass and sisal textured rugs are in hyper trend this year and well, the one I have has seen far better days.

I brought this large seagrass rug from a thrift store for $15 it was beautiful and in perfect condition. I had never owned a rug of this kind before so I never knew how impossible it would be to live with.

I made a rookie mistake straight off the bat, I put it in the kitchen and within the hour I had spilled berry juice on it, gutted I tried to clean it with water – ANOTHER NO NO.

The berry spills went from bright purple-red to dark grey…. Panic’d, and before the water had even dried I threw baking soda at it, then vinegar, then dishwashing liquid, washing powder… AAAARGH, somebody should have STOPPED ME. Needless to say with all my good intentions the rug was 10 times worse. That night I almost dropped a fry pan with cold oil in it from cooking dinner…… I didn’t drop it, but the oil swished back and forth, and back and forth…. and with a sharp intake of breath I tried hopelessly to steady the pan but inertia swept the oil straight out – AND ONTO THE RUG.

OH, $*&#(H(&#^$…^&$#( …*#^$%&@@***……*&^%$#%$ !!!

Total despair, I tried many methods of trying to restore it. I tried carpet spray that is a high pressure powdered kind of stuff, smells like carcinogens. *sigh* I tried everything on pinterest and google… defeated, I moved the rug out of the kitchen and into the study……

The next day I spilled grey enamel paint on it. *%&^$. AHSODHOISHDOIAHD&*5546353568 that was the end of my tether.


By this time I kinda hated this rug. It had been a week or so since it came into our lives and it was because of my clumsiness that it was horrible.


This rug will not be the death of me, but it sure is testing my patience.

So, determined to do something about it. I painted it with water thinned Acrylic based enamel paint….. In navy blue to hide my



I brought two 250ml $12.99 pottles of paint, which would be plenty for any other project was not even half of this rug and the paint was thinned out to make about 800mls to a litre.

I found this type of material is super thirsty, it just sucks the paint right up..


So now, Already $25 down, PLUS the $15 to buy it – I have a seagrass rug that’s 1/3rd painted and 2/3rd’s grotty.


But at least I can now see potential in it again. Navy blue is not a color that frequents in my decor and I’m glad I chose it; it is going to look amazing. It is different and with the texture of the rug it will be eye catching. Also, with the paint sealing the natural seagrass (fingers x’d) it should be easier to live with, and if it doesn’t repel my clumsiness at least will camouflage my messes being a darker shade.


This will be a slow and steady piece. It has disappointed me a lot in it’s short life with us and the paint is expensive, I am also time poor, and quite frankly time apart will do us good.

I will post an update of the finished piece when I finally get there.

wish me luck, I will need it.



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    • In hindsight, my advice would be use cheap paint that is matt not gloss in a shade you like…. And it will turn out great and wont cost the earth, ugh like mine is – I still haven’t finished as its now autumn/winter and raining everyday. One day soon we must be due some sunshine. Good luck with your project!!

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