Trends emerging in 2016

Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t subscribe to trends readily. I tend to bash my way through the undergrowth of life carving out my own path. But something about the 2016 trend predictions has me excited. There are things I like for once.


2016 is predicted to see some really good trends emerging. Gone are the mason jar crafts, blackboard paint, burlap and pallets… gone, gone, gone!

To be honest I’m a little glad to see them gone. Sorry to all those who have just discovered these 4 crafts, but it’s too late. Please come with us, hold our collective hands and lets move on. We are quarter of the way through this year already. LETS GO!!


This year simple clean style is in. For furniture we should see a little bit scandi, a little bit 30’s deco – but modern clean sharp lines.

Nothing outrageous in shape, sophisticated classic design with a feather wisp tint of minimalism. There will be honest, natural materials used and plenty of them. The tipped favorites are leather, wool and wood. These will be mixed with concrete, stone, mixed metals. The eco vegan friendly materials will continue to flourish many of them were mentioned in my previous and popular post on eco furniture of the future (2013). Interesting textures, colors and/or patterns mixed together will be the key.


What and how we will buy stuff?

A huge shift is predicted in the nature of consumerism. The whispers on the street are excitedly humming to the tune that high quality Artisan products will be the best and sort after picks of the year. The rumor is big names are approaching artisans for first dibs at retailing those special limited top quality must have pieces, even if they are one offs. When I say Artisan products I don’t mean any old handmade ‘feather tied to a stick’ scenario…. Think luxury goods, top end design and detailed construction, don’t be mistaken these will be high quality, expensive and probably limited runs.


One thing I do subscribe to is Monocle Magazine. I love their short videos which are both beautiful, informative and inspirational.

The following video was released in April 2015 showcasing the top design objects that were new must haves of 2015. I think they were well before their time as all of these items slot nicely into the trend predictions for 2016. Have a peek  you’ll see what I mean. I would gladly have all of these beauties in my home if I had the cash and space.

Textures of 2016

Textures – will shift from that raw unforgiving potato sack burlap to a slightly more palatable and sophisticated selection of materials.

Chunky, irregular and/or shaggy wool, think un-spun skeins knitted, or large luxurious sheep skins.

Metal, all colors mixed coppers with cool steel, or chrome. Golds and black iron work – mix it up, don’t be boring.

Sisal, Seagrass woven rugs, wall hangings, carpets – Delish! Unfortunately this goes for Macrame too, but that’s for another day. I already have a ‘once beautiful’ seagrass rug woven in a chevron weave….. They are so lovely to look at but so impractical to live with, they show every stain, catch every bit of dust, dirt and whatever else… If I didn’t know any better I would swear to you that sisal/seagrass manufactures it’s own stains out of thin air. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to improve this living arrangement – short of throwing it out. Stay tuned for an upcoming DIY project as I overhaul our unloved seagrass rug……. for another post

And lastly, cold stone juxtaposed against warm wood for a modern and new twist on old materials.



Patterns – Geometrics came in a tsunami wave in 2015 and they’re predicated to continue strong into 2016. Art deco 30’s geometric patterns are seeing a resurgence already, think Gems, or even as far back as The Great Gatsby Movie Posters. Maybe a trip to source some Florence Broadhurst wallpaper is in order….

If geometric is not your thing – then running a close second place is anything ethnic with character. Think ‘great traveller’. Maybe some bright and beautiful Moroccan or Turkish artifacts scattered in with your cold concrete crockery.


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that with a paired back minimalist design will come a palate of muted colors. Neutral tones reflecting nature will be the perfect pairing to this look. Keep it simple, Whites and lights.… Or, moody and dark. These are by far my favs!

However, if that’s not your cup of Joe, then there are a range of other fresh and modern spins using a kaleidoscope of colors. One of which is the colorful boho ethnic look – yes, this look is still around, albeit with a zesty modern twist……This is a  bright and eclectic color mix, especially works well if Moroccan accents are your thing.

Pantone have gone a bit wild with their predictions, if I believed everything I read on the internet or saw in a magazine it seems that every Pantone color is a 2016 color. But none more so than Rose quartz pink and Serenity Blue. Not my thing, I’d rather be moody in my shadows, or out there in the luscious life giving white light than cooped up in candy floss. Or, a circus tent, for that matter….But if it’s your thing, and/or you live in MIAMI – now is your time to shine.

There are plenty more whispers out there, some very detailed predictions ie. needle pin legs on stubby wide over-sized furniture, and semi precious stones in their natural form used as decor accents……. I say get out there and do some research of your own because I am not writing a manual here! When it’s all boiled down I think 2016 will have something for every taste and preoccupation.

One thing to stress color makes an enormous difference to a space.


There are tons of really interesting resources out there to research further. My favorite inspiration  as I’ve mentioned above is Monocle Magazine they have a number of short video articles on anything and everything worth knowing in the world; as well as beautiful design. The videos are short, unbiased, usually under 15 minutes and beautifully worked.


Make 2016 your year!


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  1. I just found your blog and a quick look at it has me bookmarking it for deeper perusal after I make some tea. I too am glad to see the burlap and chalkboard paint go away, but how do you reconcile that with your ethos of reduce reuse and recycle? Maybe a new post on how we can achieve this look without running out and buying the newest “look”.


    • Yes, agreed rushing out to buy the latest on trend garb does not fit at all with my lifestyle and I think it would be a great idea to follow up with a post on how to achieve trendy looks in other ways. Thanks so much for the suggestion, I will definitely take it on board. I am actually working slowly away on transforming our own abode one object at a time – mostly decluttering and organising at this stage – but we all have to start somewhere, right? Thanks for the comment and the visit. Have a great day.

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  3. I think I am going to love 2016… and I like Pantone’s pink and blue but not together and not as a main color, but as a quiet accent. they go well with white and gray, which I love.



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