DIY autumn home deep clean – get it done

I wrote this post many seasons back and it’s been kicking around in my drafts for far too long, 6 months?. But it is still relevant so here it is for you to enjoy.

The seasons are moving in the cooler direction. It’s darker in the morning and the days feel slightly shorter. Must be Autumn!

It’s now time to do a big clean for a number of reasons:

  • Kiddo is on the move, albeit crawling and shuffling backwards at lightning speed and grabbing anything of interest along the way – all my little precious treasures and antiques are no longer safe
  • Need to store all the summer stuff away and get ready for the delicious crisp winter days ahead
  • Summer days inside like vampires  with the curtains shut against the indiscriminate burning of that violent sun of ours has done us no favours, we’ve got a bit of cabin fever and the place feels lived in, cluttered, small and cramped – which it is…. All of those things.

Nothing a good deep clean and purge wont fix!!


First thing I did this morn was scent up some baking soda with about 20 drops lavender and 12 drops of ylang ylang. I used the whole tub which is 500g worth.

I’ve done this DIY before for carpet shake which it also works amazingly well for. Nice natural and without all those chemicals. If your doing it for your floor and have little ones like us, my tip would  be go easy on the oils as they can be a little strong. Especially for little noses that spend a lot of their time on the floor rolling about.

This mix however was dedicated to the woolen electric blanket underlay on our bed. Baking soda to freshen it up, and the essential oils to give it a gorgeous luxury hotel ‘help me sleep’ aroma.

And a good night sleep, we all need that am I right? We are super blessed with a kiddo who has slept through the night pretty much since birth, she started doing it all on her own at about 2 weeks and we thought something was wrong with her. The midwife just said just leave it, she’ll wake if she’s hungry………. But the good night sleeps continue, now I am only woken by hubby snoring, or the cat wanting something in the night. Hrmpfh. ANYWAY I DIGRESS….

I often just wash this electric blanket/underlay in special lavender wool wash and leave it draped over a table in my back yard for the hot summer sun to do it’s work. It’s well known that the sun naturally whitens and brightens as well as kills any nasties that may linger to cause smelly washing.. This method is fab,  and I recently washed it so I don’t need to do it again so quickly, but with hot summer nights it does need a freshen up.

All I did was sprinkle the mixture all over the bed and brushed it lightly over the top. Then  let it sit for about 5 hours before vacuuming it off. I found I had to go over each area several times with the vacuum to ensure it was all gone. The results are better than expected. There is a fresh hotel scent and the bed is super comfy with the piling of the wool being redistributed with the vacuuming.

Baking soda is amazing I use it for many things, as a paste with a little bit of water in the place of the chemical alternative of JIF or cleaning cream. The grittiness of the soda cuts through any stubborn grime and makes cleaning wooden bench tops where food is prepared, super easy but importantly chemical free.

Also, baking soda with a little white vinegar does an amazing job of shifting burnt grime off the interior of my cast iron skillets. I just leave it to soak for a bit and it does the work for me. This mixture is also fantastic for keeping enamel surfaces looking new.

Carrying on the good work. I tried cleaning the washing machine and flooded the house…. One win, one loss. It was quite a setback and a serviceman had to be called. Ugh.

That aside, when it was fixed I went through the linen cupboard, pulled out all the winter woolen blankets and ran them through the washer. I use eco wash liquid in our top loader which is gentle but effective on our washing. Super important for munchkins baby things as well as all our delicate and more robust items. To aid each wash I splash white vinegar around the wash tub to boost the wash and fill the fabric softener cup with white vinegar adding  a generous splash of eucalyptus oil, about 5-10 dashes of lavender oil to the mix for the rinse cycle. This concoction softens, sanitises and scents our items which we find is super effective.

The last tip I have is baby centric and slightly off topic but relevant to where we are at in life.

Nappy rash, it’s the worst and flares up with the horrible mouth devils known as baby teeth trying to erupt. We had a great tip from our midwife since bubs was day dot and it was a simple antibacterial solution to ease symptoms help in healing and keep clean babies sore bottom should it occur. That is to use a warm water and tea tree solution and a soft cloth which works great for number ones, number twos need baby wipes but once clean a quick and gentle wipe and dry with the solution before the nappy cream is applied is a great preventative and restorative measure.

The solution is about 5 drops of tea tree oil to about 350ml-400ml of water. I keep a spritz bottle handy to keep the solution germ free and at the ready. Otherwise cut flannel strips in a small tub of solution also works well, just throw them in the wash after use and keep an extra dry flannel stash for patting dry before you apply the nappy cream.
That’s all for now. Hope you find something helpful in that list.

Ciao for now.