Stash buster – using up all those odd balls of wool…..


This is post was written at least half a year ago, or more. It’s been waiting patiently in my drafts for me to add to it… It’s now time I published it. Enjoy.

It’s getting a little colder and darker in the mornings. Autumn, is it here already? What a relief, that summer heat + 99% humidity was an absolute killer.

my lil winter baby, loving the cooler mornings.

One of my friends sent me this video of a lady knitting with drain pipes….. I thought that is quite extreme, not really convenient or easy to put down anywhere. But, a good idea to get rid of some odd wool balls, which is all I ever seem to have.
I’ve got size 20, 15 and 10 knitting needles – I also have a size 15 crochet hook….. Lets see what we can do with it all.

How about a chunky knit blanket for snuggling in the winter?

Yes, please!

Update 6mo later…. I still haven’t finished blanket, but I am getting close. I have almost finished the knitting part and then I need to bind the edges in a neutral fabric, or a tan leather and punch a little leather label to give it a professional and expensive look. Our cat already loves it, making it difficult to knit…… Fingers crossed it will be ready for next winter.

That’s if life doesn’t get in the way….

Time moves soooooo fast. In addition to updating the text of this post. Here is what our winter baby looks like now……. Yep, standing, walking and getting into everything. Haha…

She is also loving art classes – yay, she must’ve got that from me!