Art deco inspired thrift scores

I’ve had the most insane good luck recently with my art deco inspired goodies. I was lucky enough to pick up two great finds in the last fortnight. Both of which have nestled into our home amazingly well, and I am still so fond of them and amazed that I got them both for such amazing prices.

The first piece was a sculpture of cast brass. It’s a nude lady in a classic ‘S’ art deco pose. She is quite a big piece for a brass work measuring 13″ x 8″. I was in the right place at the right time as a the manager of the thrift store I’d visited had pulled it out of the metal scrap bin and decided to sell it, instead of sending it to the smelters. Lucky little me was there the moment she brought it out and she sold it to me for $20.

She is magnificent in every way and fits in perfectly with all our other art deco pieces, authentic and inspired.

The second score was an art deco inspired lamp in the shape of a plane. The fuselage is moulded frosted glass and the rest of the lamp is metal. It set me back a whopping $25, what an unbelievable score, I pinch myself every time I see it. This piece is quite big as well. It measures 9″ x 12″ and is a stunner.

Feeling lucky!


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