AAaarrr, It’s a pirate [sock doll] life for me!

Hi everyone. I’ve been super busy with baby everything, baby this, baby that, baby has become my whole that, I mean literally just caring for her. Not making her all the millions of things I thought I’d have time to make. Not making all the things for myself I thought I’d have time to make. In Fact these days the world is lucky if I brush my teeth and put on a bra… She’s two weeks shy of 5 months old now…

Several wise women have told me that I have to reclaim some ME time, and by that I guess they mean find a balance and restore a sense of self………….. One day she’ll leave home – they all have reminded me.

So here I am, little by little clawing back my life until this craziness is back in balance. To get through I remind myself french children are taught patience very early on in life. She’s obviously not french but she has a french name so that’s close enough for me.

FIRST STEP BACK TO NORMAL.. Bare with me this mini bite size project is child related.

It’s going to take some time for me to break these new found baby-centric habits, but now that I recognise them I’m on a course for recovery. I love my baby human, she’s my ultimate creation… We’ll find that balance I’m sure of it. So, here we go……..

AAaarrr, It’s a pirate [sock doll] life for me!

Well actually not for me at all. It’s for our friends son who was christened a couple of weeks ago. I had purposely brought a pair of socks because of their anchor pattern. I wanted a Captain Ahab and a whale for story telling time when reading the Moby Dick story. Stories are so much more special for young kids if you have something tangible for them to hold from that written world. It’s like a little bit of imagination comes true.

Anyway, long story short – I never got around to it…

So we had an invite to our friends baby christening and the night before, it was all panic stations at our home. We like to give gifts at special occasions and we hadn’t sorted anything even though we knew it was coming. At their older childs christening we gave a bunny sockdoll, and the little lady takes it everywhere so I am told.. The doll has even popped back home once or twice for a hospital visit and quick restitch. It was like a bat-call for batman. Instincts kicked in “TO THE CRAFT ROOM” must make something. And I did.

Whew, midnight rolled around and I was finished and elated… Mainly because I had accomplished something for myself…… Releasing some of that pent up creativity.

I drew and hand painted the face with non-toxic textile paints on a piece of blackout curtain fabric and with a few snips, stuffing and a few more stitches and it was done. I knew I would be in for a rough cranky day the next day with staying up until midnight, but I was determined to get it done in time for the service at 9:30am The following morning.

Yeah, turns out the service wasn’t the next day which was Saturday…… We got all dressed up and on our way, half way to the place across town we discovered it was scheduled for Sunday…………………..

*slaps forehead* Ugh.

image image image

One small step for me, one small step for mama-kind


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