Wowzahs 6 months since I’ve checked in, where did the time go?

Wowzahs 6 months since I’ve checked in, where did the time go? Well it feels like 6 months but in reality it’s been about two since the vintage clown mobile post….. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Well, what can I say….. Hubby and I now have a bonny wee bairn who has turned 6 weeks old today.   

 I’m not gonna dress it up, babies are hard work. Way harder than I could ever have realised, or much less prepare for… But the good times are worth every second.


We named this little mite ‘Cerise’ after the colour. She was born a 9.5pound strong little girl who is ready to take on the world with gusto. Unfortunately the clothes I made (previous articles on this blog) were too small for such a big baby, by the time she arrived she was just shy of fitting 3-6 month old clothing. No bother, my niece got to wear them for a little while so at least that’s something.

As you can guess by the 6 months of silence I’ve had no time to dedicate to any projects, but rest assured I haven’t abandoned you all. I’m just trying to get familiar with this new regime imposed by our new fearless leader (the baby) before I can assess if I have any extra time and how best to use it. However, for the last 6 weeks I’ve found it a struggle to find enough time to even brush my teeth…….

Don’t be mistaken as cute as she is, our fearless leader is a ruthless one.


mastering the grumpy look


Appearing soon on this blog – Hubby has prepared a couple of projects to be completed by summer in the form of a industrial style table for the deck and that daybed that we’ve been wanting to get done since we brought the frame back in 2013.

We are looking forward to summer and all it has to offer, we’re already bored with winter. can’t wait to get back inthe garden and have some sunny outdoor time!!!


bright eyes and mischief


We’ll be back soon!!!


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