New year, new look…..

New Look Blog Theme

Hope you like the new look blog for Pepperbox Couture.


I went for a more simplified front page as the last theme I found out was not compatible with smart phones or mobile devices. This theme is compatible so hopefully you can view it fine on your devices as well as your computer. I did notice in testing that my Ipad shows some of the images as stretched and this is because I had loaded them as their original sizes. I have tried to correct some of these, but if you find some just let me know. I will try to remember to reduce the sizes of my images before loading them in any new posts.


This theme works in a similar fashion to the last. It has menus across the top if you want to read about specific posts ie. Furniture posts.

New Look Blog Theme Menu


The front page although simplified still has title information about each post that can be activated by hovering over each picture – if you are using a computer, or by tapping once on any of the images if you are using a smart phone or tablet. If you are using a tablet or smart phone you can then access the highlighted post by tapping a second time on the black titled square.

New Look Blog Theme hover over

Alternatively within each post is a right hand navigation menu where you have metadata available, follow options and search tools.


Also you can click on the header bar to return to the front page using any device.

New Look Blog Theme header return






2 thoughts on “New year, new look…..

  1. one of the joys of seeing pictures in wordpress is to be able to open them in their original big size. my wordpress theme , bueno, downsize them automatically in the post, but still allow the full size to be seen if the pic is clicked on. would yours do that? so u can still post big size originals and it can be posted as small snapshots for smartphones.


    • I totally agree. I am still trialling the theme for the moment. I can see in the preview that it scales down the photos in perspective for each view but in reality that hasn’t been the case. I’ve already found a few quirks that I am not to fond of like in the administrators view the ‘edit’ function under each post is now only available via the computer view. Which is annoying as I hardly ever use my computer anymore, preferring my iPad to blog from… But I suppose you never really know until you try it. Thanks for your comment, if this theme doesn’t work out I might try another one.


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