Everyone needs confetti in their life!

So, I am super bored with the laundry project (stencil making is BORING) and I am a little restless…. However, there has been some progress, I have the paint and I’ve redesigned my stencil. I just need to transfer it to card and carefully slice it out with my size11 scalpel – which I still hope to finish today.

But I find myself looking for distractions (writing this post is a prime example of that avoidance).

I don’t know if it’s a combination of holiday lethargy and baby brain giving me the lack of attention but fidgety compulsion, or what it is, but I just caught myself making RABBIT CONFETTI for the last 1/2 hour….. Ugh. Apart from making me smile, I don’t know what I am to do with rabbit confetti….. HAPPY EASTER????

Anyways, I have no reason to avoid it any longer, I feel better for confessing my procrastinations to you all. Back to the laundry project!!!

I even took a photo of the rabbit confetti as evidence – I made it from paint swatch cards that I picked up at the hardware store this morning…… Wait, I could  string them all together and make a mini bunny bunting for my terrarium… 



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