Sneak preview on the next eco baby garment project

New eco one off designed baby clothes… Continued….

As you know by now, I’ve been busy trying out sewing clothes for little people. My last baby clothes post I tried out a sailor girl dress and a little kimono jacket design for our newborn niece. And here she is in her threads, looking suitable unimpressed at her photo being taken, a little fashionista attitude? Or, it could be that she may have just woken up… Thanks heaps to my sis for the photos. Super CUTE!

The next design I tried was a long open kimono style jacket in a 000 size instead of the tiny 0000 NB. As it was, the little swallow bird kimono jacket (SZ0000) only fit my tiny niece for two minutes; they seem to grow so fast! This new garment will be for our baby, and we expect by the size of my tummy that she wont be as petite as our niece. So to play it safe I am concentrating on making triple zero sizes instead, at worst our little girl can grow into them.

Here is the long open kimono in progress…

And here is it finished…


I love the colours, it is a thin lightweight cotton outer and a light grey merino wool lining. I designed and painted the patch myself with puff and metallic fabric paint on curtain blackout fabric. I designed the coat to be worn open and long over a snuggly merino onesie, but I am toying with the idea of making a little sash/obi belt to close it, or adding a d-hook with a tie.. I’m undecided on that detail yet, luckily I have a little time left to decide. All the fabric was thrifted or gifted off cuts that I had accumulated. That’s one thing I’ve come to appreciate about little people clothing – you can make just about anything out of the tiniest scraps of material. Which is great for the environment and everyone in it!!