Stitch it up baby!

Today is the day a new little lady is born. My sister had her second child this morning and to celebrate I am making a little ‘welcome to the world’ pack of a few clothes I’ve made for her precious little summer baby.

I recently purchased Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting for childrens clothes and I thought I’d practice on her baby, making it clothes, before my own bundle arrives in June. 

It’s been trial and error, lets say a marginally frustrating, but still a rewarding adventure… When I was cutting out the pattern pieces, in my large 6 month pregnant state and cross legged on the floor of my living room, I got stuck trying to get up and ended up on my back failing like an up-ended turtle for half an hour before my hubby came to save me. No more cutting fabric on the floor, at least not unsupervised… I hope my sister appreciates these pieces cause I wont be able to cut any more out until I get a proper pattern cutting/sewing table – hubby promised me this week he’ll make a start on it. 😃

I didn’t realise how much work goes into little nippers clothing, but I suppose childrens clothes are criminally expensive because of the extra fiddily work involved. All good fun though. So far, I’ve bumbled my way through making a newborn sized sailor girl dress out of a vintage linen tea towel, some striped pink cotton and lined and bias binded with merino scraps. I designed and painted all the little patches on either blackout curtain fabric or roller blind fabric. I find the textile paint is less likely to bleed on curtain fabric as it does on most other materials. This dress is super cute, reminds me of roller derby outfits. 

The next item I made was a little kimono jacket that has side ties and a little swallow patch on the front. This one is 100% cotton, all my materials were sourced second hand from thrift shops which lends to the unique end product. 

This little jacket is lined in a navy cotton linen, has a navy cotton outer with big sporadically placed white dots and the back is a bright orange paisely print cotton. The bias binding and ties are made from plaid cotton suiting material.

The little swallow bird is stitched onto the jacket using bright orange thread to contrast with the front colours and bring in the colours of the back.

Ok enough chat, I have plenty more things to do before I go visit her this afternoon and I better go do them.



4 thoughts on “Stitch it up baby!

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  2. Oh my they are wonderful! She is going to love them and the work you have put into them is called love.
    I wish I had a swallow jacket its so pretty and personal.
    Make sure the husband gets you that table as you are in need of one as we need to see more of your pieces. 🎀


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