First attempt at making a dress using a draping method

Over the last few weeks/months we’ve been so busy moving stuff, purging stuff, storing stuff and selling stuff that our house is in utter chaos. In the midst of the madness I found several unfinished sewing projects that I ‘once upon a time’ had every intention of finishing. This post is about one of those abandoned projects that I’ve resurrected from the mayhem with the aim of finishing it.

In a crumpled little bag at the back of the wardrobe was a dress I had designed and partially constructed using a drape pattern method over a dressmakers mannequin that was sized to my proportions (in 2013).

I remember spending a small eternity on this dress, all of which is hand stitched and detailed. The design inspiration was a little bit Gatsby in the cut, a little bit victorian mourning in the detail and a lot a fine handy work.

This was one of three dresses I planned to make as choices for a wedding we’d planned to attend in Dec 2013. I managed to finish two of the three designs ending up with 2 beautiful art deco styled dresses, one in lace and the other in silk.

Super glad in my recent Pinterest pins to see that I was ahead of trend for once, a bit annoyed that I didn’t finish it in 2013… Gosh, one day I’ll learn.










Back to my dress…..

A lot of work went into this garment to get it to this point, and *sigh* there is so much more work to do, to get it to a polished professional finish. I have every expectation it will be gorgeous and a key piece in my wardrobe even if I don’t have anywhere to wear it whilst I’m off work. It will be my post preggo gift to myself, I’ll wear it around the house over my 12 months maternity leave if I want!!








For the finishing details my thoughts are:

– Black leather cap sleeves – Silk bias binding around the neckline – Attach the buttons with small loops in the back – Sporadic seed beading detail on some of the velvet hem panels and bodice – Lengthening the underskirt with a black fringe to just below knee line – Cleaning up the waistline seams with an attached simple thin style sash that crosses back to the front with tassle, or metal ends – for a dark Ethinic Boho look

All do-able, lets hope it doesn’t take me until 2017 to complete it, wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “First attempt at making a dress using a draping method

    • Thanks 😄, I wondered that myself as soon as I had committed that to the text…. I do have some super soft leather that is thin enough to make the cap sleeves, but I am a still little undecided because I’m having trouble with running the scenario of how to ease the shape into a leather sleeve in my head……. I may end up switching to a different equally as contrasting fabric if it gets to painful to do. I’ll give it a good go first though. Thanks for your comment have a great day!


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