❤️Little indoor paradise – Terrarium ❤️

Hi everyone,

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR. It’s gonna be a big year, I feel it!! I hope you’ve stuck to your resolutions so far and you’ve made big dreamy plans for the unfolding year. It’s still summer here, which makes it still winter where most of you (my dear followers) are from. I would give anything for a break from this gross sweaty sticky heat.

It’s no surprise that today it’s sweltering hot yet again and has been for the past couple of days. It’s been a little strange this weather of ours, one day cold and blustery and a relief, and the next still air, high humidity and hot….. So hot. Ugh.

My poor kitchen garden is parched in this heat with the fruit trees dropping it’s fruit in an attempt at self preservation and the veggies gasping and wilting trying everything to survive.

So, there was nothing to do but stay indoors and try to distract myself from the imposing, suffocating heat. One good distraction is making a big terrarium in a huge brandy glass. I used some of the left over sand and pebbles from the little heart terrarium in the last post and some little plants from the store.



I also used a creepy little doll mask I had made out of clay years ago just to add to the mix.


Some dirt, a few spoonfuls of sand, pebbles and a few plants later and it’s done.







Let me know what you think?

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