❤️ Tiny Heart Terrarium ❤️

“I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to.” – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Yesterday whilst loitering around the op shops I found a little ❤️heart-shaped❤️ vase thing that I thought would make a great air plant terrarium. With that seed of inspiration I quickly snapped it up in exchange for a bit of spare change and a smile. Today, I headed to my local plant store and spent what seemed like an eternity looking at all the little succulent, air plant, moss and bonsai’s. There were quite a few other competing distractions (like gingerbread scented triple milled soap, or candle OMG heaven) luckily I kept circling back to some already assembled terrariums to inspire and keep me focussed*. I blame the summer heat and humidity combo and probably a touch of baby brain. I settled on some bonsai pebbles, sand and fine gravel with a little air plant. IMG_1721.JPG I don’t know if terrariums are a making a revival where you are, but they seem to be trending here… I remember my mum had an unloved terrarium in the 80’s that spent most of its life in the wasteland of the laundry room. Not sure where that one has got too. It is super easy to make an air plant terrarium as this type of plant doesn’t require any water to survive. Since my terrarium is so small It meant my options were quite limited. I wouldn’t want to water it as the glass would get gross and I could drown the plant or mould could grow and kill the plants… To much hassle for such a small space. By process of elimination an air plant was the best option, that decided, no dirt was required which meant I could be creative with layers of sand and pebbles instead. To do this I whipped up a make-do funnel out of a post-it and tape and proceeded to lay the various layers to build up the base. IMG_1730.JPG IMG_1745.JPG IMG_1758.JPG I then used a couple of bamboo kebab skewers to dig a little hole big enough to anchor the air plant in the top layers of rock so the roots could still get air. IMG_1760.JPG IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1761-1.JPG IMG_1764.JPGat the base of our new Christmas tree! Love is my new terrarium! An air plant terrarium would make a great christmas present for apartment dwellers who don’t have the luxury of an outside garden, or for a friend who is hard to buy for. These mini environments are mostly self maintaining so they don’t need a lot of care and are pretty hard to kill. They can be made in any glass vessel, mason jar, wine bottle, jam jar, milk bottle, or those cute little apothecary glass jars with lids. 😆 ….. Or, just get a GINGERBREAD scented triple milled soap or candle, honestly *swoon*, if not for someone else, for yourself!!!!! *MMMMmmmmmmMMMm, I couldn’t resist and brought one, I forgot to mention I must’ve looked like a mega creepo walking around the garden centre with the tip of my nose stuck to top of the candle box for a good long while. Pfft whatever, they are truly that good – everyone should experience these incredible gourmand delights – everyone!!! I also have 2 bars of triple milled gingerbread soap on back order. A Very 🎅🎄Merry Delish Christmas 🎅🎄to me from me. 👍👍. If you are in NZ, ask for the CURTIS & CLARKE products at your nearest KINGS PLANT BARN, they may not have them on the shelf but they can order them in. Alternatively try your luck online!!!



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