Christmas is on it’s way, it’s time to think about an upcycled tree…..

Hubby went to work early this morning for a couple of hours and when he returned, he returned with this!!!


He spent the morning on the CNC machining up a couple of bits of ply (they use for packing) to surprise me with a fabulous upcycled Christmas tree.

*squeals* of delight!

And, he put it together with his favourite home hammer that he inherited from my mums partner Paul….. It’s upcycled too!!!

Check out those welds that hammer is SOLID. The beginnings of a perfect day!


Here’s our new tree in situ.




8 thoughts on “Christmas is on it’s way, it’s time to think about an upcycled tree…..

  1. Love it, and how thoughtful of your hubby!I can see Styrofoam balls dipped in sparkly glitter in those circular cutouts, or maybe some small pine cones with a touch of glitter or with gingham bows?


  2. What a gorgeous tree. Bought potted candle pines last year hoping for something fresh and living. Possums had other plans and stripped bases. Now they look like ugly topiary!!!! Maybe you have the answer. Like the idea of over sized candy canes.


    • Yeah, I love it! Not sure about decorations and how they would work yet. I’m thinking a few comically oversized candy canes hanging out of the holes, although they wont last long in this house and it will be back to a bare tree again. Lol.


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