Spring has sprung and the bees are drunk with pollen

Today I spent some time in the garden trying to sort some more room for veges while the weather was warm and sunny. It was so sunny I think I’ve endured a bit of a sunburn and sun stroke, oops.

Here are some pictures, my garden is 100% organically grown and tended by me and my beneficial insect helpers. Hubby’s job is to water it. 🙂 The biggest problem we seem to have in our garden is our cat, you might be thinking oh yes cats view gardens as giant litter boxes, well, not this one. She loves to sample the plants by nibbling a bit of leaf, fruit, or veggie here and there. She’s never gone toilet in the garden she has her routine areas, luckily for us. We think, she must think she’s a vegetarian, her fav’s are tomatoes, herbs and lettuces, especially the peppery rocket. As if the snails weren’t enough to contend with.




The spring growing season has barely started and the garden seems overflowing already. I am very much looking forward to the eventual bounty from this crazy mess! For now the only plants giving up anything are the strawberries. if you’ve been lucky enough to have a space to grow your own, you’d know the taste difference is incredible between the watered down store brought specimens and the home garden variety.



I mentioned last post about my maori potato harvest. I forgot to say I planted some more maori potatoes a couple of weeks ago and looking at them today they have truly taken off like crazy. I didn’t plant that many potatoes, yet my tire tower looks full to capacity with the number of plants produced.


Also up the same end of the garden is the marauding raspberry vine threatening everything in its patch, I can’t wait for the first harvest of juicy raspberries.


We also banished our sad looking mini orchard trees to the back yard this summer as they did not do so well last year in the front garden. Already we have seen promise in all of the trees since we moved them. Bunches of blueberries have appeared (excuse the dock weed in the pot, I need to evict it). The pink grapefruit’s branches are heavy with little clusters of flowers, as are the apple, lemon, lime and mandarin trees. We moved them to the back yard so they could enjoy all day sun and have the benefits of the bee and bug hotel we created over the compost heap by sprinkling borage and blue cornflower seeds last summer.



Soon my pretties, soon I will eat you…..Now we just have to remember to water them.

And lastly, what’s with all the drunk bumblebees? I haven’t seen so many helper bees in my garden before, let alone intoxicated ones. There are so many drunk bumbling bumblebees just flopping about in my garden; I saved 5 of them today from being stood on. A couple of them, after a few minutes chilling in the sanctuary of the lavender bushes flew off on a kamikaze style flight path for neighbouring flower beds and they seemed a little better, the next two stumbled about grabbing at the flowers and fell out of the bushes onto the ground, just flapping and buzzing and trying to right themselves back onto their stubby little legs, and the last was the worst of all, he didn’t even try to hold onto anything and just flailed about until he landed on the soil, then retreated to the darkness at the base of the bushes. Super cute silly things. Hope they sober up soon because they have important jobs to do.



5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and the bees are drunk with pollen

  1. Yes, like Maine, Wyoming has gone into hibernation; it’s always a sad time – no more color. It’s a gray and tan world, but sunny much of the time, thankfully!


  2. Oh, wow. That’s fantastic. Here in Maine, USA, I’ve worn my fleece Birkenstocks for the last time. Everyone is wearing dreary winter colors and boots up to their knees. I wish I could escape this place until June.


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