DIY build projects – coming soon…… During the short intermission may I present the tin toy collection :)

You may have noticed we’ve not done any DIY building projects lately. So sorry to all the guys that follow (and ladies who enjoy DIY), we apologise a hundred times. Hubby has been otherwise engaged trying to rearranged the shed and get his work space usable again. It was flooded by some unseasonable weather and it’s been a mammoth task to get it sorted, but he’s almost done…… In fact he is out there right now throwing a hammer around creating quite a disturbance.

We do have a few build projects lined up, starting with a few parquet pallet wood tables with industrial steel castors and sliding tops. We also still have the shadowclad day bed to complete and we’re looking at putting together a few E-publications on DIY topics, listing some tricks of the trade. We are planning to have started at least one of these projects by next week.

So, in the meantime hubby asked me to post about his latest obsession – tin toys.

Most of these we got second hand, in thrift stores, at swap meets etc. They’ve each run us up from $5 to $25.

The most recent finds include the Meccano plane from our local thrift shop it is the most expensive toy brought to date for $25. The snorkel fire truck was from a hot rod festival swap meet for the price of $20 and the little wind up bike and rider set us back $5 from another thrift shop.

The other pieces are new reproductions and cost around $15 – $20 from eclectic little shops like IKO IKO (NZ).

There is nothing more nostalgically retro than tin toys, and they look great in any interior.





❤ tin toys.