Total thrifty madness, are you kidding me??

Bored and frustrated with the days progress at work, I decided to make a quick stop on the way home today at an inner city salvation army thrift store for a bit of CHEAP retail therapy.

Through the dirty glass of the counter cabinet I could see this cute little winged red pump charm sticking out under the mess that was a tangled 1960’s shell bead necklace, wrapped partially around a plastic mickey mouse wallet………….

So, I asked the staff behind the counter to pull it out, so I could see it.


The young trendy store clerk knew it was designer, she knew it was silver, and she knew it was of good quality. So after lengthy whispered negotiations with her colleagues on ‘how much should we charge?’ she asked for the princely sum of $10NZ. That’s US$8.07 for those who need a conversion.


I purchased them and drove straight home. After sometime to think about it, I thought that maybe they are fakes.

Why on earth would someone give designer jewellery to an opportunity shop? Surely they could have recouped some funds by on-selling them. Why would a thrift store, known to be quite expensive on most things – sell it so cheap??




I couldn’t believe my luck when I pulled up the Thomas Sabo website and there they were in all their beautiful shiny-ness.

TS Charm Carrier


TS red winged pump


TS Leaf Charm


US$168.00 and this converts to NZ$208.28

These must be lucky charms!!

I’m going to wear them for the rest of the week with the hope of winning the lotto on Saturday!!


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