Super sprouts I need you in my kitchen!

So, this is my last day of holidays and I will back at work tomorrow. It’s been fun to indulge my creative side for this very short while. Had some wins, had some losses. After the curtain experiment of yesterday I needed a quick win.



After another big garden harvest today of a million tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, mini capsicums, aubergines and strawberries…. I decided I need some scrumptious greenery in my kitchen too. So, here I am and here is my newest foodie addition SUPER SPROUTS.

Sprout Jar DIY

I found the link above on Pinterest on how to make great sprouting jars, however I didn’t have the right materials to make them, so I improvised with what I had at hand.

These jars are really cute in kitchen and the yummy sprouts are super quick to germinate, ready for the eatings in a matter of days. Instant gratification!


For my jars I kept it real simple with a light natural cotton weave and some cotton thread. I chose fenugreek, white chia, mustard and alfalfa seeds as all produce edible sprouts and pack a super vita charged punch to any salad or sandwich. There are so many varieties of edible sprouts that you can grow…… You no longer have to limit yourself to alfalfa. The best resource I have found is a paper excerpt calledย Growing Edible Sprouts at Home – by H.C. Harrison


Seeds are ready, Jars are done, before completion I needed to make some little identification labels for when they start sprouting. Important step because once they sprout it’s hard to tell them apart.


I chose to make some terracotta stamped beads out of air dry clay that I can weave a cotton thread through and tie around the neck of the jar. I also chose to stamp each bead with an individual letter, this way I can recycle them into different words for later sprouting efforts.




Mmmmmmmm cant wait


  1. We sprout too, started with the jars, but quickly moved up to an ez sprouter tray system. We use a lot of sprouts.
    We pulled out the microwave which we never used and put the sprouter in its place. Works out beautifully.


    1. Hi, ๐Ÿ™‚ I got them from a tool shop. I asked the shop counter for letter punches for leather tooling and this is what they had. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.


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