Bad curtains be gone!

So let me set the scene..


We move into an ageing 1950’s bungalow rental some years back. In a very nice upmarket little town, but with it’s pockets of rough areas. The house we moved into was previously the worst house in a good street. The house was left in a filthy state, I mean walls are a complete mess, carpet ruined, cupboards so old and gummed up with grime. It was overwhelming and the stuff of instant depression…… But it was the curtains that really got me down.


The curtains were once a pale cream colour, actually they were probably white. Some of them were stuck together on the thermal side from a previous attempt at washing them in a washing machine. Most were mouldy from lack of ventilation and stained with what I could only imagine was some funky dog piss. I tore them down immediately on arrival. But with no nets on the windows, I was greeted with a glaring hello from the neighbours drinking beer in their driveway, listening to rap on their cellphones and throwing me gang signs. Just BRILLIANT.


So, in this emergency hubby acquired some awful AWFUL bright orange, autumn coloured things off his parents who were repainting their interior for the hundredth time and had no further need of them and my mum came to the rescue with nets so we could at least open the curtains, let light in and keep the neighbours out.




And we are still here, it must be about 7 years now that we’ve been here. The neighbours are still here too………. And so are those orange autumn mix curtains, lending their sickly orange tinge to every room in our house.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really grateful for the rescue all those years ago, but they are truly awful and I really think we can let them go. So, this weekend I had a quick and rough attempt at a Roman blind. IT WAS QUICK AND IT WAS ROUGH.

I had never made curtains before and was up for an experiment. I had a really cute freecycled valance with a grey knitting print, metres and metres of raw cotton, a free bag of gold shower curtain rings and some left over garden bamboo stakes.


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough printed fabric to make normal curtains so I settled on attempting a Roman blind. In hindsight I probably should have researched how to make a Roman blind before I sat down at the sewing machine. But, alas it is done now and lets say it has character. I can always take it down, rip the stitches and start again some other time. One tip for future reference is that it is best to use dowelling because bamboo stakes are not very straight. Hence the look of wonky horizontal lines in the picture, there also maybe some slack in my rigging on that side. But what evs I would rather look at that than those orange curtains anyway.




SOooooOoo much better.


11 thoughts on “Bad curtains be gone!

  1. got to start some where and this is better then what you describe outside…. I have found another easy way to make roman blinds is to use old plastic mini blinds as your base.. removing some of the slates and using the header already in place and bottom rung. that way you can use the pull cord to raise and lower the blind… I found it on pin rest and have made two for my sons room.. to block out a decaying house across the street view… no gangsters here but trash and brush and broken down cars… not everyone has a perfect view!


    • Lol, I agree, and great tip I’ll have to try it. I probably should mention as far as we can tell the neighbours are not real gangsters, just idiot wannabes. But it’s all the better that I don’t have to look at them. 🙂 thanks for the comment.


  2. Think upcycle in the raw! You have successfully upcycled things that otherwise may have landed up in a landfill somewhere, even those canes! Good for you.

    There are no mistakes in our creative game, only new ways of learning how we wouldn’t do it a second time 🙂 So in other words …. we are continual learners so I think that makes us pretty darn cool x


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