Thrifted treasures from my holidays at home.

Over the past 5 weeks I have been very busy, shopping, cleaning, eating, sleeping, yoga and trying to fit as much as I can into each and every minute of the day.

Did I mention shopping…

I found some great treasures over the past few weeks which have worked in really well with my kitchen plans. For some time I have really wanted a retro kitchen set up and any of you that follow me on Pinterest will know I am somewhat obsessed at the moment with vintage kitchens and anything contained within them.

So, over the past few weeks I was lucky enough to source a little vintage stash of art and some old (and inspired) kitchenware at really good prices. It wasn’t easy to find these things, some items were picked up at a hot rod swap meet, a few bits from Salvation Army stores, SPCA Opportunity shops, Hospice Shops and Church Stores. But I am so pleased with what I managed to find and I feel real inspired to cook lots of different goodies! So hubby is happy too.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention I also brought a bunch of NEW Wiltshire retro enamel cookware pans to replace the old ones I snuck out of my mothers house years ago, and I still use them all the time…… They were at least 30+ years old and the enamelling had chipped and was burnt from many a delicious meal being made. I was soooOOoo delighted to discover Wiltshire were remaking the blue rimmed white enamelled cookware again. I was even more ecstatic to discover the Warehouse had a 40% off all Wiltshire products for the week! So, I ventured in store and got one of every size (5 different sizes) and two of the mini pie dishes.

If you are based in NZ and like me have to have quality enamelled cookware and need some new pans go get yourself some before the 40% off sale finishes this Tuesday. Here’s what they look like and a link to the online warehouse shop. Good luck!

Now I feel the need to go make some cupcakes!

20140120-154638.jpgHere is my treasure haul for the last 5 weeks

I’m well on my way to realising my ambitions of time travel! 🙂





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