New year, new projects





Happy New Year everyone,

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year and have set lofty ambitious resolutions. We’ve had a crazy couple of months with winding down the day jobs for a much needed holiday, only to be greeted with a 16 tonne truck driving through our front fence, our garden lights being tampered with, my car being broken into and hubby’s wallet being stolen…… oh December, living up to the seasonal lunacy we have come to expect.

So, as a distraction from the chaos and mayhem how better to start a new year than with new projects. These are a few I have made in the past week or so….


1930’s Circus Strongman

My friend is about to have her first baby and with the last name of Strong it was only fitting the little tyke received a strongman doll. I re-purposed an existing doll and designed and painted the face and neck patches and stitched up some leggings and weights. The face patch has puff paint for the hair and steesh and the neck patch says ‘Ma & Pa’.



Neon Buddha

I scored a free Buddha idol that had a number of cracks and quite bad surface damage. It was originally a black paint outer covering a core of white concrete mix. I took it home and painted it neon green.



Storage Solutions

I brought two mangy cardboard storage boxes from the thrift store for a couple of dollars. In original condition they were white cardboard with light rust foxing spots…… I painted both boxes in bright acrylic colours and created a vintage inspired stencil for the smaller of the two. They now sit atop my art deco armoire.



Bunny Doorstop

This piece was born out of holiday boredom. It is a door stop and was more ambitious than the previous projects. I created a pattern, stitched some fabric scraps together and appropriated the bunny image from a reusable cotton grocery bag. To finish the piece I filled it 3/4 full with rice and topped with leftover cotton scraps.



Pinterest Project – Animal Circus Jars

These are inspired by a pinterest project doing the rounds. They are just some old jam jars with the labels steamed off and little plastic farmyard animals (and one Indian) hot glued in place on the lid. I also taped off areas to create patterns on the glass (which didn’t work so well), then a quick spray primer, followed by a good few coats in bright acrylic paint. They are perfect to hold my glass beads. 🙂