3.5hour Refashion – Art Deco Inspired Couture Lace Dress

My ‘birth week’ is approaching very soon (every year I try and take a week off around my birthday so I can have some much needed me time). The plan for my birth week includes a good clean out of my wardrobe, followed by a few pattern making sessions and a lot of sewing.

This weekend I readied my dress form for many a future draping session by measuring and padding it out to match my measurements. It was super easy to do – I used a couple of old singlets, a couple of old shoulder pads to smooth out the gaps and add size to the bust and a foam strip (trimmed off an old polyester duvet inner) to pad out the waist. All I did was put a singlet onto the dress form, pinned all the padding into place and then pulled over the second singlet…. Viola.



It’s a little lumpy and bumpy, and lopsided in the photos but after a little encouragement I’ve managed to smooth and straighten most of it out. As long as it is close enough to my measurements I can work with it.

I tried it out with a quick art deco inspired dress in black lace. It’s a bit of a refashion project. I already had the lace bodice, which was full of holes and cut across the front, missing about an inch of the lace in the lower front panel. I’ve had this singlet in my lace bin for so long that I forgot I had it.


I started the project by repairing all of the little holes (the photo above is post repairs) and ensuring the integrity of the circle link hemline remained intact. Following a further forage in my lace bin, that produced more black lace and fringed trim, I got to work pinning and hand stitching until the dress was realised. The lace is so delicate and sheer. The materials I have used are mixture of crochet lace, machine lace and medium length black fringing to create movement. The bodice also has hand stitched black square sequin detail on the front and a drop waist in the back. I’ve also used the fringing in a drop shoulder cap sleeve on both sides (I am undecided whether I will detail these further), unfortunately it is not evident from the photos as my dress form is lacking arms.

I’m really happy with the results, I need only to make a gold satin slip to wear underneath and I will have a complete outfit.

To keep the dress versatile I will leave it sheer, that way I can modernise the look with a long singlet and leggings underneath for a stylish less formal work wear or go full glam with a silky slip, either way this dress will endure and be a regular feature in my wardrobe (anyone know of a gatsby themed event coming up?). I have a wedding to go to in about 3 weeks and this will be one of my clothing choices, accessorised with a gold slip, my little art deco gold mesh bag and a pair of black lace gloves, I also want to make a little headpiece, nothing too out there, just something to make my hair match the outfit… Perfect!





In the next fortnight I plan to make a backless, gold, cross-over front – Art deco inspired dress – which will be option number two for the upcoming wedding function (seriously, I need a string of Gatsby themed events to go too, or a time machine, either will do). Also, I just received my upcoming birthday present from my hubby – yay!!! – After a fair amount of hinting and intentionally leaving clues he succumbed and brought me PATTERN MAGIC and PATTERN MAGIC 2 by Tomoko Nakamichi……. I am in awe with the amazing designs and can’t wait to try some of them out. I’ve picked out the ‘apple peel’ pant to make first – cant wait!





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  2. I need to re-fashion that thrifted little black lace dress from last year ASAP! Thankie for this inspiring post. 🙂


    • Hi again,

      I love it too and the best thing about it is that it is one size fits all, being lace and crochet it stretches or shrinks to accommodate. I still haven’t worn it yet as I ended up wearing a beautiful BCBMaxAzria couture runway dress ($20 from a thrift store) to the wedding event…. Looking forward to rocking it with style this year though. 🙂

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    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. Yes, they are super crazy pants in stretch material. When I first saw them I wondered how I would fold them up?? A lot of the patterns in the pattern magic books are unusual like this – It’s designed like that so you are free from the usual limitations in pattern making – pant legs don’t need to be straight, tops can be geometric form, if you want to wear a sideways triangle – then do so…….I can’t wait to make them! 🙂


    • Hi, yes those pants are in stretch material. Although it doesn’t stop me wondering how I can adjust the pattern for non stretch fabrics…… I will first try the pattern making process as it prescribed and then see what rules I can break. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


    • You will love the pattern magic book. The first one is much more inventive with creations, and has the apple peel pants posted above…. I cant wait to get started. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Apologies, I quoted that the Pattern Magic book you were getting had the apple peel pant, I have done a bit of research and the books I have are 2 and 3. So sorry,I didn’t realise that the [stretch] pattern magic was referred to as number 3, I assumed it was number 1…… So I went online and purchased number 1 as well. If it’s anything like 2 and 3 it will be amazing. Let me know what you think of it when you get it.

      Happy sewing.


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