Gearing up for a summer of sewing

This summer I want to try my hand at pattern making and bring to life some of my fashion sketches. I usually alter existing commercial patterns to create what I want, but that method has it’s limitations. I am really interested in draping and I brought a vintage adjustable dress form a few years back. I tend use the dress form only in the construction, when pinning garment pieces together and in finishing which I usually do by hand.

First thing I needed to do was address the issues with the manky old dress form and try and make it a little more fit for purpose. She is an old but faithful servant and well used. I brought this old dress form from a second hand tool dealer for $20 he had no idea what to do with it and really wanted rid of it – I was only to happy to help with that. Fast forward a few years and the condition is not so happy. Some of the adjustment bars were bent and the fabric is so old and thin with holes, definitely not sew worthy.

So, I dismantled her on a whim, grabbed a couple of close weave coffee sacks and a hot glue gun and got to work. A few hours of frustration and shes now ready and dressed for success!




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