Who is not having fun with the latest chalkboard art trend? If you not, then WHY NOT?

I’ve recently been introduced to this young ladies amazing chalky contributions, she is a bit of a master from what I can gather and is plying her trade with great gusto in the States.

Current trend or not, I am converted, now if only I had an inch of her skill, perspective and patience I would be a very happy girl.

Her artwork is commercial in the respect that her pieces appeal to the mass market and a lot of her pieces are ‘advertising’ as she often does commissions for retail and hospitality ventures. The pieces range from big and bold covering entire walls, to itty bitty pieces, what they all have in common is sharp clean in unadulterated style with expert hand typography and the medium used is chalk and blackboard.

Besides the commercial appeal, there is an old fashion charm and purity about her work that makes me smile. The presence of Dana’s art  with it’s classic beauty and ephemeral nature will endure long after it’s gone.

Check her website out, her name is Dana Tanamachi and she is destined to be an artistic mega star!

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11 thoughts on “CHALK IT UP!

  1. This is simply wonderful. I love a good chalk board but this takes it too a whole new level. Wow! Thanks for visiting me, too, it means I get a plethora of fun stuff to discover right here!


  2. We recently made some oversized chalkboards experimenting with various types of emulsion – worked better than expected and easy to blend with the room.


  3. Great post! I have never seen the artwork for Dana Tanamachi before, but I’m sure I will notice it now. Also, thanks for visiting my first WordPress blog at Lemontreesnippets! I’m going to keep posting.


  4. Just saw that you liked one of my posts last night and came over to visit your blog and I kid you not,right at that very same moment I was writing a post about this very same topic. I think chalk board paint is getting a little overdone but I cannot get enough of chalk typography and Dana Tanamachi is amazing.


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