Thrifty Haul of the last few weeks!

Shipping inspired brass porthole clock $40

Abit more than I would usually spend on a second hand clock, but this is an amazing heavy brass clock and it is so unusual! The porthole functions by unscrewing and turning the handle on the right.


Unusual cow horn and iron work barometer (with Iron stand separate) $25


Lutterloh; The Golden Rule sewing system $30

I was floored when I saw what was inside this unassuming little red folder. There is many, many patterns (the ‘contents’ state a total of 415 patterns/images) covering the late 1950’s – early 1960’s of fashion (women’s, men’s and children). The book includes all the patterns in miniature form and a measuring tape + scale rule system that works on the measurements of your own body to form the perfect fitting garments. It even has handy tips on how to make box pleat buttonholes and other couture fiddly bits. P1030194P1030196P1030197

Wood + Tooled Leather chair of epic proportions $45

I was super excited when I saw this chair with it’s tooled leather. The selling point was the careful construction using wooden nails and catches for the leather loops. It needs a little bit of a restore but nothing to major.




8 thoughts on “Thrifty Haul of the last few weeks!

    • Hi sorry for the delay in answering, the glass section and clock face is roughly 15cm diametre and the overall clock is about 24cm diametre. The depth is 6cm. Hope that helps. Thanks for the question.


    • Hi, no I haven’t made anything yet from the vintage sewing book. However, thanks for reminding me about it, I’ve been looking every where for a good dress pattern for an upcoming wedding. Maybe that book holds the answer. 🙂


  1. Superb haul, Pepper…what great things for much less than some of the shoddily built ‘new’ stuff…and I include clocks in that dig, too! And, it’s all in such good shape–amazing what people ‘toss’, isn’t it?


  2. oh my, you found some treasures – that pattern book is incredible! As is the clock… and hte chair. Not so sure abotu hte barometer, but I see why you grabbed it


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