Thrifty Treasures a-plenty

Today my mum came to visit and for the best part of the day we did what we do best – Treasure hunting in the thrift stores….. These are my latest treasures over the last month, inclusive of the haul today….


Crafty supplies

a set of pom pom looms($1)P1030029

a Vintage Sew Ette handheld sewing machine – Still works($2)!!P1030014

Beauty bits

a set of Revlon perfume bottles ($5 for the lot)P1030011

two interesting belts and a flower tile brooch ($1 ea).


A girl can never have enough shoes!!

H&M lattice stiletto shoots (shoe+boot=shoots). The shoes cost $4 pr.


a couple of leather low heeled slip ons


Ankle red suede and leather shoots and a pair of green leather wooden soled boots


MMMmmmm delicious easy fat free recipes MMMMmmmmMM


Retro magic

A large retro lead-light mirror ($4) and a set of 6 vintage silver plated cake forks ($5)


A charming 1920’s reproduction grey woollen hat $8


This tea cup trio set (I brought for $3) was produced in the 1950’s by Sandygate pottery studios in Devon, England – Gorgeous and so trendy with it’s polka dots!

The 4 coffee spoons are art deco demitasse spoons. They are Electroplated Nickel Silver with Bakelite coffee bean on the end ($4).


and the most prized piece a Shelley art deco china trio (I paid $10 for the set).

‘Queen Anne’ alternate design.

pattern 11576/8 / Rd723404.



12 thoughts on “Thrifty Treasures a-plenty

  1. Very ‘smart shopping’, Pepper…and such a variety of fantastic bargains for what look to be high-quality goods! (A little envious here, as I’ve not found any really great resale shops recently here in Chicago. The few that were great ten years ago have raised their prices so much, it doesn’t pay to even walk in the door!).


  2. Regarding the Shelly trio – since it’s Queen Anne – do you have to hold your pinky out while using it? Or am I messing up my eras? LOL
    What a haul!


  3. I vaguely collect 3 piece sets too….that pottery one is such a lovely deep blue but the Shelly trio is especially gorgeous- china envy!


    • The pottery trio colours are amazing, and so classic with the raised cream polka dots and terracotta rim- I love it and I also love that I can use it without being afraid of it.

      The Shelley is my best trio score yet. I doubt that I will use it often because it is thin as eggshell and so beautiful it terrifies me that I will break it.



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