Moroccan Leather Pouf Completed

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The second and final day was full learning and frustration with the finishing of the pouf.

A lot of stitching, pulling, stuffing and manipulating I finally have a finished project!


I discovered the inner skin was made up of more than just burlap and made a decision that I wanted an inner skin that would last years and years without quick deterioration so I chose to use Denim.

Here is a picture of the inner the outer top piece and the original pouf


and…. here is the finished pouf – at long last!! Not bad for a $2 thrift shop purchase!



4 thoughts on “Moroccan Leather Pouf Completed

  1. DIY anything is so rewarding. It is vital for the human experience in these modern days to build/rebuild lost skills that have been replaced with what money can or can not buy. Since retiring to the Philippines I’ve been doing this with developing my own DIY mosquito repellent using easily purchased items at the Gaisano supermarket we shop at 2 or 3 times a month. My wife smiles and sometimes laugh because the DIY things I do are constantly evolving, and yes often improving. This is a hint at organic veggie sprays, one of which uses cayenne pepper which I purchase in resturant size plastic jar. Loved the projects that involve woodworking being my life-skills were in cabinetmaking and carpentry.


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