First day of the short armoire make-over

We’re taking this project nice and slow doing what we can and doing it properly.

First day saw borer treatment and the first pass of sanding complete.

My job was to clean and restoring the cast handles.

We have a modern vision for this piece – Stay tuned to see the transformation in all it’s glory.

Hubby has claimed it for his own wardrobe, so that means my crockery will have to wait for a new home. Oh well, next time..


New Oak Drawer face installed


Borer Treatment – we found a little bit in the back. Best to be safe then sorry!


Original Handles


Handles restored









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7 thoughts on “First day of the short armoire make-over

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  2. That’s a wonderful piece of furniture. I’d love to find a similar piece. I deal with borer in my restoration projects by injecting each hole with kerosene using a hypodermic needle and syringe (a tip from a furniture craftsman I once did a course with). Looking forward to seeing your finished product!


  3. Excellent craftsmanship, Pepper, by both of you! You are very blessed to both know ‘good wood’, and how to treat it well. I’m especially taken with your attention to restoring the Deco handle hardware…the finished look shows your tremendous ‘attention to detail’ side, without being obnoxious about it…and nicely true to the original intentions of the hardware maker, I would think!


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