Thrift Store Haul–The project cupboard is now full!!


Stay tuned for the next round of projects – STARTING SOON!!! Here’s a little info about this the haul!

1. C.1930’s short boy armoire in solid oak!


We acquired the short boy armoire from a local thrift shop for $50 – woo woo.

My hubby had been eyeing this beauty for awhile now, unfortunately for the last month it had been priced at a whopping $200, so we waited patiently.

Finally the price was reduced and we snapped it up.


The piece is in really good condition except for the draw face – you guessed it – it has those pesky little bora residents………

You might say that we didn’t learn our lesson from the last do-up.

But I would have to counter that by saying – seriously, who could pass up a classy sophisticated piece of furniture. It’s only a teensy bit of work to replace a drawer front – roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!!  🙂

The rest of the piece is in aged but glorious condition.


Our idea for this piece is a full conversion from armoire to side board. Ideally this piece of furniture will be somewhere for our plates, crockery, and my stoneware/pottery collection to live.

Great furniture is a staple to any successful interior!


It is circa 1930’s in age, hubby and I look forward to starting this project next weekend!!

2. Moroccan Camel Leather Pouffe


I think I am a little too excited about this pouffe (brought for $2). Hubby thinks it’s gross and that it shouldn’t be in the house……. Whereas I see so much potential and LOVE IT – I sit and day dream of all the possibilities!!!!


I have a variety of leathers scraps in warm and cool hues, and I think I will save what I can on this piece and use some delicious chocolaty browns to give a colour of richness, depth and fabulous-ness! I just need to work out the pattern and the final look that I want…….


3. Last object of this treasure haul – a gorgeous tooled leather binder!!!!

Brought for $3 – What’s not to love???!!!!???!!??

Now all I need to do is to fill it with some treasured items and – BAM – gorgeous!


Good haul!!  I am inspired to get into these projects right away. But alas, a new working week starts tomorrow so stay tuned as next weekend will be when the fun starts!!


  1. Marvelous haul, Pepper…and the hardware on the armoire is simply gorgeous! You know I’ll be watching the progress, because that is one fine piece!

    Camel leather, huh? Who’d a thunk it…but I’m from the Midwest of the USA, and exotic things like this seem to rarely make their way here. Lovely little poufe, though…something to have fun with, yes?

    The lovely leather binder just needs some TLC, looks to be in very fine condition and not ‘used’ at all. I can feel that pattern…nice and smooth after the leather has been conditioned! You two are really ‘lucky ducks’ with these finds!


  2. Great stuff! Love the pouffe! 🙂 I too am a thrift store addict, my family just goes nuts every time I go in one (Mom, you don’t need another basket!!) … Love OPS 🙂 Cheers.


  3. Loving the pouffe in particular, but that leather tooled journal was a *steal*! Enjoy all your treasures – if it were mine, I’d choose the pouffe re-do in the style of the second row, far left example. The top would use the bits of leather up in a fairly simple pattern, but the sides would retain a contrasting smoothness. Great finds!


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