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This is a special post for my dad, Rex Edward Hale.

A little bit about my dad as an Author: Rex carefully, and thoroughly researches his subjects, places, environments and history to weave his fictional novels. This careful preparation lends a veil of authenticity to his work and provides a solid and interesting foundation for the setting of his novels. So, if you are looking for something different to read head over to Amazon and source one of his books.

The Guardian of Seville – Rex E. Hale

ISBN-13: 978-1450562195
ISBN-10: 1450562191
Published 2010
His first book (2010) is called ‘The Guardian of Seville’ and is a suspense novel,  full of mystery, power, greed, covert groups and historical secrets. Set in Spain with historical accuracy of events and places seamlessly woven in with fiction. It’s a good read, a little slow to start but the plot pays dividends at the end. Please see below for an excerpt. I designed and painted the cover picture for this book  – which makes it all the more awesome  :).

Excerpt from the Guardian of Seville:

“When a Holy Relic is so powerful that good men fear it, it has already become a threat to mankind. In this tale the age old struggle between good and evil explodes into the twenty first century.
Seville, capital of Andalusia is the setting for this historical work of fiction. Two innocents, an archaeologist and a doctor discover a parchment, which for centuries had lain forgotten in the city archives. With their discovery a powerful secret is revealed endangering the lives of everyone concerned.
The stakes are raised as the archaeologist and doctor are drawn into a vicious battle for supremacy between two ancient and dangerous foes. The ultimate price is high, but this is a battle where good must prevail, for the victor will control the destiny of civilisation.” – Rex E. Hale

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The Messenger – Rex E. Hale

ISBN-13: 978-0473218737
ISBN-10: 0473218739
Published 2012

I just finished reading this book ‘The Messenger’ (second book), it was a great read with an interesting and unique subject.

It was really well written and it didn’t take long before the plot sucked me into the world of the story which only happens with the best books.

I enjoyed the antipodes reference of Spain and New Zealand and the harrowing journeys of the characters to join them together.

There was a good mix of sub-plots and environments of which the author described so potently and detailed. I’m patiently waiting for the next instalment.

Good job! Nice work DAD!! ❤ Maria

Please see below for an excerpt.

Excerpt from The Messenger.

 “What decides a man’s fate? 
The bloody corpse of Sebastian Torres, a wealthy banker in the city of Barcelona, sprawled face-down on the floor of his office. A revolver lay close by. His son Roberto was first on the scene – and so begins his story.  
The mystery of his father’s death weighs heavily on Roberto, and in time he will face the journey of his life – a voyage deep into the spiritual unknown. A journey from which there is no escape, for his fate binds him to it.  
Slowly at first, he descends into a world of ancient mysteries, long forgotten secrets, and haunting spirits until the day he meets the woman who will change his world.”

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Click here to be redirected to his website where you can read more about his works, influences and research techniques.

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