Thrift haul–trash to ‘my’ treasures

I’ve had a lazy day today. We have a long weekend this week with Monday off work, so I am taking this day off from my usual project work and having a break. My next project can wait until tomorrow – so I went op shopping this morn for the first time in a little while.

And….. I am so pleased with my treasure haul this morning.


First stop I was enticed into a shop by a gorge luscious red leather Chanel bag in the window display, that turned out to be a fake *shrug* suppose it was reflected in the $25 price tag – although $25 is a little steep to what the price of a normal bag usually would cost in that store (I’m not being mean but the little old ladies that take care of the store would not be able to identify a designer item made after the 1940’s to them it’s just a bag).   I left that shop with an authentic Kathy Van Zeeland clutch wallet ($8) and a few make up bits (2 nail polishes and 1 eye shadow powder $1 ea).
Next stop I brought a pair of hand painted, gilded middle eastern candle stick holders ($3). Very chic with their slightly crazed ceramic tops ringed in gold. They are also signed in what looks to be arabic? and dated underneath in gold script. I also spotted a vintage metal Indian pillow purse ($5) that hinged in the back and had an ornate brass latch at the front. The bag is brass with banding in copper and a brass chain over the shoulder strap, inside is lined in dark blue velvet. Now I was on a roll and spied a vintage Lucite faux tortoise hand held mirror ($3) a few cracks in the Lucite but nothing I cannot deal with.  The mirror glass  was in superb condition. Also at this store I brought two tops one leopard print cap sleeved top ($4) with frills in the front and a smocked section across the lower back. The top is made of printed chiffon and is super cute. The other top was the terracotta and dark grey striped bat-wing long jersey ($4) made of stretchy knit, comfy around the house and a lazy wear with jeans. Lastly I found a cute wooden box with a hinge lid ($1) and a small silver plane clock ($3) for the hubby, super dashing with it’s little propellers that spin.
Last stop I scored an NZ designer dress made of beautiful floaty light fabric and in soft mottled grey design (Dress made by OBI – purchased for $5) and a bright yellow top shop belt for $1. OMG this dress is great for NOW – the NZ summer is killing me with the heat and humidity combo is the worst I have ever experienced – I find myself wishing for winter to come early…… and I LOVE grey teemed with yellow but have never owned anything yellow.

Then I had had enough shopping and came home with the loot. Here’s the pictures.

Total spent $40 NZD – not bad


I’m off now to play with my new old treasures.



16 thoughts on “Thrift haul–trash to ‘my’ treasures

  1. You were lucky to find these things especially that clock. No wander it took you all weekend to come visit us. I love the cahir too. You should of recovered it the first time instead of me when you were a child. That velvet was from some old curtains in fluffs room in Swanson


    • Ahaa funny, I remember you recovering that chair I just couldn’t remember where the fabric came from. Hey – What’s with the lucky statement ? It’s all skill mum – you know – we’ve been out together treasure hunting many of occasions and I learnt all my skills from YOU. 🙂


    • It’s addictive isn’t it? I am also obsessed with treasure hunting, people don’t really understand why I LOVE op shops, so I thought I should start showing the goodies I find…… maybe that will make sense to them.


      • I think it will! Even in my own entry a few days back about thrift shopping, I got feedback from my friends saying they wish they knew more about it sooner, and my best friend actually made me take her to a second hand shop. I think your entry is well done and will have the same effect!


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