Yarn Bombing

I had to re-blog this – these are the finest examples I’ve seen of yarn bombing. This underground art form has been around for a few years now, along with guerilla gardening and other beautify-the-environment anonymous activities. Thanks so much ‘Knit It Out’ for the awesome post………

So pretty.


Here’s a few more pics to add to ‘Knit It Out’s collection.

For your admiration:

assortment bus shelter chair bombed pavement crack Untitled

Knit It Out






*all photos were taken from Google, and God knows where they were from!!!

And here I am, completely unaware of the most amazing form of art: Yarn bombing!

For yarn, knitting, and crochet lovers, this is heaven! Seriously!!!

Yeah, I’ve seen different people doing amazing street art with yarn but I’ve never really known that this was actually A THING!!!

It might be old to you, but it’s completely new to me, so let me have my moment here!

If anyone knows a group of people that does yarn bombing in Vancouver, BC – Canada, please leave a comment of email me at knititout13@gmail.com

Much appreciated!

Knit It Out!

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12 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing

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  2. We had some of that here, in the northernmost neighborhood of Chicago (USA) last year, Pepper…but they weren’t in such nice, festive colors! That made the whole experience (several long blocks’ worth) a real ‘downer’, as everything seemed to look ‘faded’ and nothing was really attached well, so each one looked very saggy from the ‘get-go’! These are all wonderful…and I feel it’s a fine way to bring ‘DIY’ to more people’s attention!


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