It’s been a few days and the oil has penetrated a little, the veneer chip is back in place and it’s now time for the cut and polish of the front.

This step worked a lot better than I thought it would and I was amazed with the actual colour variance of the wood and the SHINE. Who knew that wood was under that muckiness??

In the image below shows one side that has been treated, washed down and re-oiled. The process started with a scrub down using a soft cotton cloth and Rustins Finish Reviver. This product is a basic furniture cut and polish designed to combat the haziness which is commonly referred to as blushing. It leaves behind an unsightly milky haze that looks chalky on the surface.

I then used another soft cloth with soap and warm water to wash down the surface removing the chalky film, waited for the surface to fully dry and then reapplied the furniture oil as the last step.

This picture was taken about 20 minutes after the final step to ensure the oil had time to settle. The result is so shiny and reflective that the bowl in the bottom left hand corner of the photo is clearly defined in the finish on the door of the dresser.



These are the products used in this process:



Here is a close up shot of the the treated section vs. the blushed section.



Two thirds of the way done, just one cupboard left to complete the front panels! Check that gross haze – again, who knew that glorious finish was hidden away just waiting for me to find it? Ecstatic!



My next post about the dresser will be focussed on fixing the damage to the top. This will take look at what options are available for fixing veneer damage and varnish cracking etc. (This next post may help you with your earlier query Renee aka Storybook)


Also stay tuned for another instalment of the Art deco Armoire progress tomorrow. Work is cracking along at lightning speed and it is hardly a shadow of what it was when I purchased it a week or so ago.


  1. I’ve not heard of the product, Pepper, but am certain there must be something similar here in the States. Nonetheless, the result is FABULOUS! Re-enriching the wood (which I’m certain you do with lots of LOVE!) really brought it back to life!..Cannot wait to see the armoire!

    Merry New Year to you and Hubby…it truly does this ‘old lady’ much good, to see caring and creativity in a few ‘young ones’!

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