Merry hand-made Christmas. round up it’s gifting time!

SO you’ve seen some posts already over the last few days and hours. This is a round a post to show all that I made for gifts and some the the pics below link to posts that explain how to make and create some of these items. If you have any questions let me know.  😉



Homemade Gingerbread Cookies – mmmm

I didn’t get around to writing a post about the gingerbread cookies. I think because I was so tired and made them first thing yesterday morning. Basically, it was a bad experience I managed to burn two batches and finally won with on the third batch……. I used my set of vintage cookie stamps and cookie cutters to add a design and then once cooled I used writing icing and foodie glue and sprinkles and silver cachous to decorate. Let that be a lesson. Don’t bake when you’re tired.



Candle Cane

I also made a candle cane stand for one of the gift baskets. I didn’t write an article about this either, it was a on a whim creation. I tied and taped the candy canes into place around the candle to make an edible stand.



Fresh home-made juice in custom bottles

All of my gift baskets got home-made juice and ginger beer – click the picture to be redirected to the tutorial on how to customise the bottles with blackboard paint.



Custom black board painting

– click pic to be redirected to the post about the inspiration for this painting.



Special sister souvenir bracelets



Home-made Truffles

Click the pic to be redirected to the post about these truffles and a link to the no-bake recipe!



All packaged and now gifted!!!!!! phew time to relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays.



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