Homemade juice in custom made bottles

MMMMMMMmmmm what’s better than freshly made juice in a quirky stylish bottle?

I saw this nifty trick on Pinterest and had to give it a go!


STEP ONE: Buy inexpensive glass bottles with rubber bung stops. Clean and dry them well and mask off an area for the ‘label’.

STEP TWO: Give the masked off area a good lashing of blackboard paint, you want a fairly good even layer, Make sure your brush strokes are all in the same direction. Repeat this step if necessary.

Tip: If you want to have clean edges you will need to paint the inside edge of the frame in a clear coat to seal the masking tape to the glass. Then follow with the blackboard paint step above. I like the rough homely edges so I haven’t clear coated the inner frame.


STEP THREE: Remove the masking tape and viola – your bottles are ready for filling!!

STEP FOUR: Fill the bottles with home-made veg or fruit juice YUM!!! Or ice water, home brew, ginger beer, cider, cordial…… whatever!!! Just like a fancy-schmancy cafe!


We have a juicer that gets a regular workout making fresh veg/fruit juice with lashings of ginger, and that’s exactly what I will be filling these bottles with!!! Home made yummy juice for my family Christmas gifts this year!



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