High tea style cake stands, anyone for crust less cucumber sammies, or scones with cream and jam?


I have extensive collections of well lets be honest….. Everything.

I mean – really, who knows when the creative urge will overcome me, and I NEED all this crap to make stuff….. right? and I need cake stands….

On a visit to my junk room – art room – sewing room I unearthed these little gems. I ordered and paid for 3 cake stand fittings off trademe (NZ Online Auction Site) and received them 3 weeks later…

Anyway, while I waited – I sorted my dishes into groups. Each stand is a 3 tier and the dishes are ordered in complementary colours or patterns.


Some patterns and makers are real good-ens but they have hairline cracks or chips so as antiques roadshow would say – Sorry to let you down, but they are worthless.

But they are PERFECT for this project and would make gorgeous stands for truffles and cakes, or sushi, sandwiches. Or even delicate jewellery stands in your dressing room.

You name it and I can personally guarantee it will look 10 times yummier on these cute stands.

I have made enough combinations to make 6 cake stands, 4 of which are shown above.

Here is a pic of the stands from the auction I have won, I chose 3 of the gold crown style as depicted on the blue and white cake stand.




Materials required.


  1. Threaded fittings with handle
  2. 1x metal washer
  3. 5x plastic plate protector washers
  4. 6mm diamond hole saw drill bit
  5. 6mm masonry bit
  6. 3mm masonry bit
  7. a drill
  8. masking tape
  9. a squeezy bottle of water
  10. wooden chopping board
  11. Sharpie marker


Find the centre of the plate and mark with the sharpie. Place a piece of masking tape on the opposite side of the plate where the drill bit will exit. This will stop the plate from cracking or chipping, hopefully. Most of the plates come out perfect, although some have little chips around the hole – these are usually tiny and are hidden by the stand foot.


Grab the 3mm masonry bit – start drilling at the centre whilst applying water this will stop the drill bit from getting too hot and keep the dust down. Once you have a small indentation you can use the 6mm masonry bit to drill the hole wider and up to 2.5mm deep. Just enough to fit the diamond drill bit into comfortably and stop it walking around the plate. Some softer plates can be drilled right through with the masonry bit but I have found most ceramic/china plates require the diamond hole saw to finish.

Diamond hole saw –  starting at a slight angle in the depression made from the previous step, get a good purchase with the hole saw and then straighten the drill to get through the plate.




and there you have it, 3 glorious cake stands! Great for themed events, a tea party with friends. Gifts or Mothers day treat, baby showers or a casual pick and mix mini buffet for two.

I’m also a lot less traditional, I like to serve Japanese meals for two layers of different flavoured sushi, sashimi, edamame and other treats, and any food that is considered small enough to almost pass as finger food – like mini pizza bites, or mini bagels for example… YUM


Here are some foodie links with traditional recipes for high tea goodies.

How to put together a high tea

High tea makes a comeback with dainty finger sandwiches, delicate cakes and scones topped with lashings of clotted cream.

High Tea! Afternoon Tea Party!

Lemon Chiffon Cake | Babble


and if this has peeked your interest and you want to learn more about the etiquette and traditions of an English traditional high tea here is a link to



  1. I have the exact same cake stand fittings. I find that the screw which goes through the plates into the next fitting doesn’t seem to be long enough and everything feels wiggly. Also, there’s no way that I could get the top handle to screw into the fitting below because there was too much thickness of the saucer and the cup. So I can only use one or the other. I have some thicker plates here that these fittings will not work with so I am off to the hardware store tomorrow to figure out if there’s something else I can use for my thicker plates.


  2. Thanks for the like on my post, which made me look at your blog. 🙂 What a great idea to make stands yourself from plates.They look wonderful.


  3. HI! I came across this post from pinterest and can I say that these cake stands are amazing!!! They look like the ones being sold in expensive department stores in my country! May I ask what the metal stands are specifically called? I want to make them myself too and I couldn’t search where to buy because I don’t know what they’re called 🙂 sorry for the silly question 😀


    1. Hi,
      Thanks, and it’s not a silly question at all… I don’t actually know what the official name of the pieces are. I found them on a trademe (NZ buying and selling website) search for ‘cake stand fittings’. I just did a google search and it returned pages and pages of results for the cake stand metal fittings – so you may have some luck finding a place near you selling them – Here is the search I did. https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=cake+stand+fittings&biw=1920&bih=953&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=073eVO-GKqLYmgW88YL4Ag&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ Good luck 🙂


  4. Lovely! You have inspired me to pull out the boxes of china stored away in the crawl space! I have made a simpler version; I glue the sauces to a small vase shape or candlestick. Great jewelry holders! Here’s hoping that I can make your beautiful version!


  5. These are very cool!!! Damnit i just bought a cupcake stand too (a boring generic one from kmart) had i of known… I would have put in my christmas order!!!!! 🙂 can u teach me to make these one day…?!


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