Thank you to all of my followers..

A huge THANKS to you all for following me, thanks for the ‘likes’, the ‘reblogs’ and supportive comments.  I really appreciate them all.

I hope you have had a great year and I look forward to blogging alongside you in 2013!

This year has been a bit topsy-turvy for me with the change of my day job 3 times within the same company and having to adjust to different workloads and balance out some ‘me’ time has been difficult. I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to create this year. So my first new years resolution will be to make more time for creating!!!

Here is a quick wrap up of my posts for 2012 and the most popular/read posts for this year. Enjoy.

Thanks a bunch everyone., Oh and by the way I have a some Christmas Gift posts ready and waiting to be uploaded. They will be released 24/25 December so that Christmas secrets, remain secrets…… Stay tuned to this space!


Pepperbox Couture’s achievements of 2012

  1. Getting my first tattoo, albeit a full back piece. I LOVE it, Love it, love it, and now it is a part of me.010
  2. Being acknowledged as being a valuable asset in my day job and given a chance to grow and develop my skills further. Yuuuusssssssss with a little fist pump in the air!
  3. Doing something about the state of my wardrobe and admitting I have a problem with collecting clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and everything else one adorns oneself with…………. and using project management skills to help myself.wardrobe ishakawa diagram
  4. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, having you all along for this crazy journey has been fantastic, thumbs up!


Pepperbox Couture 6 most popular posts with views for 2012

and the award goes too:

  1. Free upcycled crochet pattern and a website full of free designer style knitting patterns!! scored 840 views this year

  2. *HELP* I need some order in my wardrobe…… Oh wait I can help myself! (0_o) scored 380 views this year

  3. Ettore Bugatti Bag–thrift store gem! scored 285 views this year

  4. Alexander McQueen Kimono Jacket – in progress…. scored 270 views this year

  5. Make your own seed bombs DIY scored 234 views this year

  6. Make Plastic Fantastic – not tragic! scored 221 views this year

For 2012 – my homepage registered 4,195 landings, whoa – that’s amazing!



Pepperbox Couture photo wrap for 2012

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My Clothing




My Accessories





My Style








My Art




Feature Posts – Designer Inspiration

recycled bag and ruler 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary ObjectsClick to visit the original postimageApple of my Eye



and finally freebies

creative revolt



Stay Posted, next instalments will be 24th/25th of December!!


14 thoughts on “Thank you to all of my followers..

  1. Oh you have a creative spirit 🙂 By the way I followed your blog already! Thank you for the follow and like for my post! God Bless to you and your blog!


    • You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog to say Hi. LOL my tattoo was sore in getting it done, but it was pretty numb after that, so not too bad. Happy holidays!


  2. KEEP GOING, Pepper! I have a little mantra I made up 12 years ago, while serving as a Holiday Design Director for a plant rental company (we put Christmas decorations in many of downtown Chicago’s pricey hotels):

    “Take time to make time,
    and make time to take time!”

    It works!


  3. Have enjoyes witnessing your achievements since I started following you in March/April Absolutely love your creativity.. and desperately want a pair of ‘Aladdin’ pants! Heres to an even more creative 2013!


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