In the kitchen baking Christmas Treats

Retro Clip Art of Matchbook Covers



So Christmas is coming and I’m always in the mood to make stuff around this time of year. First up are yummy treats.

These are a round up of the most delicious looking recipes I’ve found on the web.

Click on the pictures to be redirected to the recipe. YUM!!

Raspberry White Choc Fudge

Thin Mint Cookie Truffles

Nutella Truffles

Mini Cookie Hack Recipe

The Easiest Cookies Ever. So Easy, They Aren’t Even Cookies. (But They Are Excellent.)

Champagne & Strawberry Truffles

We Should Cocoa ~ White Chocolate and Strawberry Truffles


I hope to make most of these over the holidays……. and go for plenty of walks too.




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