I am back and ready to create……




Hi Everyone,

July the 25th was my last post I can’t believe it – OH INTERNET HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!


  • For the last 3 months my computer decided I was not to open any websites other than ‘trademe’ (a NZ online auction site)……..
  • Several visits to the computer surgeons and still no progress or diagnoses.
  • I’ve also been on a number of road trips for work over the last 3 months. Whilst my husband suffered in silence with no internet, no home cooked meals………. no laundry done.  LOL
  • I got back this week and finally rang my Internet Service Provider and asked them to check the modem and connection, and it was HORRIBLE! So yesterday the tech geeks weaved their magic wands and fixed the connection enough to bring up most of my beloved sites!
  • However the modem is still slow, but my ISP is sending me a replacement this week so a permanent fix is on its way!!!!! *sigh* what a relief.


So what have I been doing? How did I survive?

Well, being temporarily plunged into the dark ages I was forced to turn to work, socialising, reading books, eating good and bad food……… and life little foibles to keep my sanity.

I have been working hard at my day job travelling around the country every couple of weeks. Reading books and collecting more, and more books. (note to self book fair is next weekend- yesssss)

I even slipped off the capsule wardrobe wagon and then clambering up back on it again. I felt so guilty, I had been thinning out the inventory each day for the last month and now it is roughly a quarter of the size it ended up being when I posted my self intervention article on June 30. However, I am still kidding myself if I think I can fit my ‘wardrobe’ into a conventional wardrobe space……. but almost there!

Check out my culled back hanging rack with space between hangers – oh so happy.


Unfortunately I just shifted the extra clothes from one room to another………. and not in a good way……….. Honestly, they are waiting to be sold – but I can’t sell them if I have no internet!!!!


So after making several clothing mountains in my sewing/art room I quickly closed the door and ran away…….. Outta sight out of mind right? the answer is yes until you need the vacuum cleaner which is located under one of those mountains…….. ugh.



I started ‘collecting’ things – like pretty teacup sets and bags, purses clutches…………… mountains of bags. I don’t even drink tea and I make my own bags when I’m not in a lazy state, also I can only use one bag at a time why do I need so many?.…what is happening!!


Following this ‘collecting’ phase I turned my attention to XBOX gaming, bioshock2, hexic and an endless stream of demos and lots of junk food (akin to mountains of sugar) to cope in this desperate time……..

There’s a theme happening here with ‘mountains’ of things…..

After awhile, bioshock and hexic became  XBOX KINECT zumba games, fruit ninja and rise of nightmares – forcing me to jump around like an idiot trying and shift the couch potato shape I had worked so hard to get in these last few months.

and now I am sooo thrilled to be back I am actually excited about making stuff to share with the world!!! Oh how I’ve missed thee.

I refreshed this cute vintage metal mesh bag just recently. With bottles of nail polish and a whole lot of spare time. I love it – now I need to find something in my diminished wardrobe to match it with.  It goes well with my teacups!!!








Toodles ‘till next time!

PS. it was time I refreshed my blog page – I hope you like it!


Peppermia ❤


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  1. Oh lawd girl, you didn’t tell me you’re collecting tea cup sets. I went through that stage and have SO many sets sitting in the cupboard because there’s no where to display them!


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