Recycling in NEW ways 0_o

I haven’t done a post in awhile.

I was searching for inspiration as I have a week of leave coming up. What to make? what to do? I stumbled on these sites exhibiting new and exciting ways on how to recycle. These people are fine artisans and an inspiration!

First up – 10 amazing creative ways to recycle from Ecoble, here’s a sneak peek…

recycled clothing rug 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary Objects

trolley furniture 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary Objects

recycled bag and ruler 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary Objectsrecycled notebooks 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary Objects

Then I found strange and beautiful things over at the Ecology Global Network :

Sheep Poop Power Biodegradable CoffinsTrash House

Saving the best until last, here are some images from recyclebank showing fantastic ways of recycling chopsticks – that’s right these items started life as chopsticks:

with Pepperbox Couture!! 

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6 thoughts on “Recycling in NEW ways 0_o

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    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂 LOL – an elephant poo notebook? that’s great!!
      We have over here in NZ that sells elephant poo by the bag for your garden, I haven’t seen any other products (paper products or otherwise) available yet, although I am sure there would be a market for it!!!! 🙂


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