Fireplace Headboard–completed

IMG_0001 This is the pic that inspired me to create this look.

Here it is – the unveil of my Fireplace headboard in all it’s glory. Now it’s time to dress it….. and there is so many options!

I’d love to paint the walls but we are renting the property, so that’s not an option. I’m really happy with the warm hue of the wood finish and it fits with our wood shelf bed. I think I can make it work!


002I love  the mirror look. But my cat has a habit of pushing things off ledges, sills and tables to get attention. The last thing I need is a heavy mirror falling on me in the night……… She looks small and cute in the photos but she is crazy strong for her size and unnaturally aggressive – So I am not going to tempt fate.

Here’s a couple of alternatives.


Whimsy, fun and eclectic mix with the old dolls and the odd art work. I’ve used blues to offset the reds……. I think it doesn’t really reflect me…. so blah. Smile with tongue out


More traditional look – warm earthy tones with the pottery and wood… The photos left and centre are our wedding portraits, one on the day (extreme left) and the centre is a special  sepia 1900’s wedding themed gelatine print of us. The picture on the right is of Pan sitting under a tree a detail from a Russian watercolour print. The look is finished off with an African wood carving and some New Zealand Pottery. These are only a few of the pottery pieces I have left – the ones that the cat has not shoulder charged off their plinths and smashed. So, as much as I like this look it is not going to last.

So below is what I have gone for at the moment – all the pieces are light and fairly resistant to breaking, best of all wont do much damage to us.

All the paintings are my own, except the roses block print in the middle. The top centre painting was a concept painting I did for a book cover about surrealist poetry. The Left painting (red frame) is a deconstruction of the Madonna of the streets by Ferruzzi – I rebuilt it to reflect my interest in bunnies with guns and antisocial behaviour…long story….. The centre right is my painting in the style of graphic illustration of Michelangelo’s David on canvas board, and the extreme right is my self portrait in violet hues.

So to sum it up – Little bit whimsy, little bit eclectic, loads of style and fun. This headboard is very versatile and can work with whatever style mood I am in… – I love it!!. Clean look, spaced out nicely. Not so much of a story than a collection.


Click the below link to be redirected to the post on where the journey began…



Let me know what you think?

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