Peppermia’s new upcycled bag!!


Hi, my day job is very, very busy still so I haven’t had much time to sew as per usual. But, during the evenings I have been slowly piecing together one project at a time….. This is my latest project completed.

I used Simplicity Crafts pattern 8331 for bags and totes. Style ‘A’ (shown in cheetah print)

Click on the image to be taken to an etsy store where you can purchase this pattern.

I picked up this pattern at a thrift store recently, I have been searching for a good bag pattern ever since I saw this free Carlotta Bag pattern on Burda.


Click on the image  to be redirected to Burda

The Carlotta Bag pattern was only available in German. But was super cute and I really wanted that look…………. So I found a similar pattern (albeit square) and followed it to the letter, so now I know how it goes together I can print off the German pattern and use my intuition….. I’m sure I could work it out………. hmm??


The bag measures 25cm height, 32cm width, 11cm depth, 27cm height of handle.

The bag materials consisted of:

  • Front and back poppy patterned pieces are cut from a women’s cotton shirt
  • piping and handles are cut from a men’s shirt
  • top, bottom and sides are cut from the remnants of a brown/blue denim skirt (same skirt used in the Kimono top)
  • lining is cut from heavy lined  upholstery fabric
  • side lining squares are cut from a striped knit scarf
  • inner layers are composed of iron on interfacing, brought from an op shop
  • front patch was drawn and hand painted by me, on roller blind material
  • the zipper is vintage and previously was in a garment. It has fine metal teeth and still works perfectly. The zip was just one piece from a huge box of donated bits from lady (I brought some hand made lace from) who had retired from designer and constructing wedding garments, lingerie over the last 40 years…. a piece of historical treasure.
  • The side label tag is a piece of satin ribbon. I also used alphabet stamps and textile ink.

Enjoy the photos, would love to hear your feedback!







    1. I love it. It came out really well and it is such a good size – it is one of my fav’s that I have made. The pattern is nice and simple to follow too. 🙂

      Thanks so much for the comment! Have a great day.


  1. I love whimsy! I ditched the ‘designer’ bags a few years back and started carrying unique, handmade bags and I have to say you did a beautiful job, and you have a winner here!! 😀


    1. Thanks so much for the comment. Whimsy is my love too!! and rockabilly, and anything slightly out there…. I only have a few designer bags left that I care about. One being my Ettore Bugatti Bag that I don’t know anything about.

      I have made the rest of my collection. I love them because they are hard wearing and perfect for everyday use. They are also a great conversation piece; being less than conventional.

      You can see more of them here:

      Thanks for the comment!!



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