Work-style knickerbocker pant

I have been so, so, so busy lately I haven’t had much time to get any ‘creating’ done at all. I made time yesterday with a simple project – and here it is………….


Knickerbockers are a style of pant I have always wanted but never found in the shops. I saw a girl on my way home from work yesterday wearing a simple black pair of knickerbocker pants that were black and possibly made of a stretch material. I thought well I will have to make myself some when I get home…

I got home to my mess of a sewing room and found a suitable pattern that I could adjust. I hunted out a small amount of grey wool mix suiting material (overprinted with black roses) and teensy bit of black linen/cotton mix fabric from my fabric collection* – luckily they were just enough to cover the requirements.


Vintage patterns on Wiki have more information on where you can get this pattern if your interested in it. Just click on the image of the pattern to open the link in a new window.

I managed to get these done in a couple of hours, and I love them. Photo’s are a little grainy, as it is a dark day here at the moment. I will try and remember to update the photos when I get another break in my busy schedule, and a bit of sunshine.

They sit on the waist and with the wide cummerbund. The visual drop-waist effect breaks up the top half of the pant with a smooth fitting line. The ‘legs’ are usually gathered, but in this case softly pleated into the waist and mid calve cuffs. They do widen the hip line with the extra material and bulky lines – but I prefer these to the ‘Palazzo’ pants I made last summer with the heavy pleats in the front. I applied the finishing touches with various different mother of pearl buttons I had available.

I did alter the ‘cummerbund’ pattern piece, and the ‘cuffs’ to fit loosely and be comfortable but still have the right look. I left the length and width of the ‘leg’ pattern pieces as the original (– hence why I had to softly pleat rather than gather). The Pattern I used was a 1960/70’s SZ12 which is really a size TINY and not a current SZ12 by any stretch of the imagination – so I had to modify those bits to suit.  Next time I may try using different fabrics and/or shortening the length to just under the knee – although, I think the cuff is mid calve so it is possible to ‘sit down’…… I will need to test that theory.

Anyway they are super comfy and a nice unique piece to add to my wardrobe.



* All the fabric I use is sourced entirely from thrift stores or direct donations, always second-hand – never brought new. This can mean the items I make are either upcycled from other clothing items or from discarded fabric remnants I am fortunate enough to find. I find this approach to be creatively stimulating, very rewarding, fantastic for the warm fluffy’s and bank balance!


9 thoughts on “Work-style knickerbocker pant

      • Hello, there. I was hoping to make this, but cannot find the pattern anywhere. Any suggestions, please. They look fab and my son wants a pair.


        • Hi, you could adapt a normal pants pattern by shortening the leg and adding cuffs, or look up a Saurel/Sarouel pants pattern there are a million of them free on the web and just raise the crotch line.

          Or not, Saurel/Sarouel are very popular at the moment.

          Hope this helps


          • Thanks a lot for your reply. Just really liked your style and the cuffs, which is why I wanted that pattern. Will just have to have a go….


  1. I LOVE these! I’m definitely going to try making some – I’ve never sewn any clothes before, but this seems like a good place to start. Thanks for the share! 🙂


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