ART Musings No. 4–Exploring Pop/ Surrealism 2009


Hi, Apologies that I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I have a new job for the next 6 months and it is keeping very busy with travel and stuff… so I will give you a double whammy today – this is ART Musings No. 4, and No. 5 is soon to follow. (To make up for missing lasts weekends post).

In 2009 I tried to reinvent my style by making works that were in a totally different style to what I knew. I decided after a long period of not painting there was a need to do something, so I painted whatever came to mind in a pop/surrealist style. I tried my best to just paint and not analyse…. I had never attempted to paint in this style before, but always admired those that did.

Anti Social Club 2009

This was one of my first paintings of the group……. It is an upcycle of a faded print on linen of Madonna of the streets by Robert Ferruzzi (thrift store score). I was feeling very unmotivated and a teensy bit lazy – this is what happened. This picture represents a major shift for me, I became a little obsessed with gun toting bunnies and 50’s style illustration after completing this piece.


Picture – 58cmx48cm Acrylic and Enamel on Linen. Frame – Enamel on plastic moulded frame.

Self Portrait 2009


76cmx76cm Acrylic and Enamel on stretched Canvas 2009

After the ‘Anti Social Club’ I went on to make a number of working drawings and paintings in quick succession to practice my illustrative skills. Out of the many many works I made these are the only ones I have left. (just as well because they are my Fav’s).
This one is of me – I was trying out some ideas with colour placement and perception reading. By this stage I had minimised my colour usage back to 4 main colours for the whole piece. Beige for the neutral areas, a colour for the background and then 2 accent colours. In this piece I experimented with the accent colours to highlight different and unusual areas to the eye.

Hungry Cherub Baby 2009


76cmx76cm. Enamel on stretched canvas. 2009

I had an idea that the works I had done would look good as T-shirts (one day I may get that far with them). With this in mind I painted this image of a Cherub.  I paid enormous attention to colour placement –The Cherub Baby has a sweet innocent looking face so I used my colour accents in the eyes and the hair to invite the eye of the reader to view the face first and distract the viewer from the rest of the image for a few seconds. After the initial cutesy impression is in place the reader generally takes in the rest of the image in parts for example the ‘whole chicken’ the cherub is trying to devour, the hooves in place of the hands and feet. Then the image is not so cute as creepy, a bit of cannibalism, not so much a cherub as an abomination…… so on. I love this picture to pieces and it hangs in my kitchen and watches me cook. lol.

David 2009


31cmx23cm Acrylic and enamel on canvas board. 2009

This is a small work that I did whilst I was practicing my illustration skills, and mostly because I wanted something nice to hang in a pretty frame that I had picked up on my travels.

*shrug* it’s main function was to be a pretty picture…….

Overall – I really appreciate the results for the Naïve quality and the simplistic nature of the 2D pop style illustrations. I like how ‘clean’ and honest the works are. I had a REALLY hard time stopping myself from going overboard with the addition of fine details and rendering. Afterwards I felt liberated about not having to get out my magnifying glass and Size 000 paint brush for the first time The best thing I learnt from this experience that a successful work can be created with a lot less input and that not everything needs to be perfect.

P Bunny

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