CREATIVE REVOLT- an axillary blog for free patterns and projects– 4 u from me

creative revolt

Hi all,

I know you love all the free patterns and projects I find (reflecting on the amount of hits the articles get in my stats page)……. so, just for you I have created an extra blog that is 100% copyright free, or free to use, or very cheap to purchase patterns and projects. For future reference you can access it through the ‘free patterns & other activities’ tab in the header pane, it’s under ‘creative revolt’ freebies. There were too many free patterns and project links out there to house all at ‘Pepperbox Couture’ and I wanted links to them all for my own reference… I could use Pinterest but since a lot of the posts I want (vintage patterns) don’t have images the only option was to create another blog set up for ‘Press It’s’ for now have a peek through this link and tell me what you think


If you want to keep up with the madness over there (by madness I mean constant additions to the page) you may want to hit the follow tab on the top that page. Or, you can sign up to my twitter feed or my Pinterest Stream which covers both blogs.

In this blog I will continue on my building a sustainable fashion brand, write about eco living and share my Art musings with you…. so don’t you go anywhere.

P.S. I have got some extra work on for the next 6 months so I may be a little quiet with my posts I will endeavour to post at least one or two messages each weekend. I look forward to coming back in  months at full steam!


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