Ettore Bugatti Bag–thrift store gem!


I decided I needed to clean out my closet and *ugh* get rid of the suffocating clutter!!

As I was mindlessly pulling things out of cupboards and sorting things into keep piles, I found my beautiful Bugatti bag. My perfect accessory.

I love my beautiful Bugatti bag!


I found this bag a few years ago in a thrift store for $10NZ and I could tell by the quality of construction, detailing and classic style that it needed to be mine. I don’t know a lot about it and I cant find any information about it on the net……. It appears to be quite old but really well looked after. Someone who momentarily lost their mind must have donated it.

The closest likeness I have found on the net is the Bugatti Bag produced by Hermes – exact same style (without the cut away dot detailing along the top), cored handles and studded base…. but the Hermes bag is missing the Bugatti detailing that mine has.


My bag has an inscribed EB Golden lock, front EB oval badge and insignia lining with gold manufacture details that say:

Produced and distributed by Ettore Bugatti S.R.L., Made in Italy N.0003

Dimensions are 10” high x 12” across front x 6” side depth at base.


What does this mean? I read somewhere that the Bugatti Veyron’s  came with specially constructed luggage sets – Is there a car missing a bag…. or is my bag missing an accompanying luxury supercar? lol that would be amazing.

If anyone knows anything about the ‘Bugatti Bag’ drop me a comment. I love it so much and would love it even more if I knew it’s history! I did happen across an intriguing PDF article written about a meeting between Emile Hermes and Ettore Bugatti to discuss luggage and accessories you can read it here… could it be??

I don’t even know what type of leather it is constructed from is it cow? it is quite bumpy in texture……. Anyway if anyone has any ideas please let me know.



14 thoughts on “Ettore Bugatti Bag–thrift store gem!

  1. Doesn’t it make yo feel wonderful to make a find like that…. 😀
    Also, wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so…


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    • OMG great find…….. could it be?

      “….Hermès now developed a signature identity as the lead-
      ing specialist in comfort and elegance for motoring. At motoring trade fairs, the firm’s stands were the talk of the day, presenting a range of refined, practical, innovative accessories – comfortable motoring garments, rugs with pockets, caddies for drinks, shoes or toiletries, travelling clocks, vacuum flasks, mascots, radiator caps etc. One model for a round-handled bag – much talked about from 1923 onwards and known as the sac haut à fermeture Éclair (“tall bag with zip fastener”) or sac pour l’auto (“motoring bag”) – was the first piece of luggage to feature a secure zip fastener. Its rounded line reproduced the curve of a Bugatti grille, or the distinctive “horseshoe radiator” – an elegant device linking the two houses.”

      It is in the shape of the Bugatti Grille and would explain the close likeness and the insignia… It’s a pity there is no bibliography or citations to refer too. hmmm.


  3. Wow it really is quite something! So elegant and simple. And what a great color too!

    I found this: “The Bolide, originally called the Bugatti after a very sleek French racecar, was designed in 1922 for the wife of Emile-Maurice Hermes. The Bolide features double hand straps and a single zipper that can be fastened to a lock on one side of the bag. There is also a detachable shoulder strap. The shape is utterly common because it
    has been imitated and referenced by hundreds of bag designs the world over. ” on a link for a similar Hermes bag:

    but yours has the Bugatti signature logo just like the car! Take care of the bag I’m sure it’s worth a lot!


    • There is a You tube video of a close up of the Bolide and although it is the closet shape and design, there is no identification marks and the gold lock is a different shape and plain…. I don’t know what to make of it, because as you have mentioned a lot of people have copied this design……. Jennifer below has stumbled on a PDF that mentions Hermes and Bugatti had an arrangement at some stage (?) and there was a bag involved that brought the two houses together……….. ???? the plot thickens.


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