Art Musings part 2……

Welcome to the second instalment of my art reflection.

I know I said I would publish a write up of one work per week but today I had to break my promise in order to illustrate a point. I have either inherited my grandmother’s brothers’ (Rei Hamon) talents in pointillism and made them my own, or I have a mild case of OCD. Others had said it time and time again…. My tutors always mentioned the repetitiveness in my work as a great asset. I didn’t understand what they meant as it didn’t feel repetitive to me – I just did what I needed to do to achieve the result my mind envisioned.

Now that my style and direction has changed and I am looking back on these works I can see the repetitiveness and the machine-like madness that must have consumed me at the time of construction. I’ve always been one for detail…..

Diamante Skull 2008


This work was huge and time consuming for me. I enlisted the assistance of my loving husband to help me measure out 1cm points on the canvas and glue the hundreds of silver sequins in place (he puts up with a lot of ‘crazy’ ideas from me).

This work measures 57” highx45”wide or 1m45cmx1m14cm. It took about 2 weeks, about 9 big bottles of sequins and a lot of PVA glue.

I love it, it hangs in my wardrobe and catches the light of the afternoon sun.

The Fool or the Puppetmaster 2008


This canvas has seen many, many lives as previous paintings that I was never really happy with. I just kept painting over the previous painting until I painted something I liked. This painting is in oils. The background area is made up of a complex grid styled network of lines to give a woven fabric feel. I didn’t want to completely cover up all of the works beneath I wanted more of a perforated screen through which hints would peek through.

The square of triangles to the right are glass mosiac pieces to balance the composition and add another area of interest. The hands were my favourite achievement they were painted from still life – perspective and realism has never been my strong points. I was just excited they looked like hands!!! Measurements 100cm x 80cm or 39”x 31.5”

My Lace Doll 2009


This little doll has seen better days. I dropped it the other day and the right arm chain broke and the rose on the mouth fell off… Boo – I will have to fix it now  Sad smile.

This doll was constructed entirely out of polymer clay (fimo). I made spaghetti thin pieces and laid a network of strands over objects I found around my house. Then I baked them in the oven on the moulds and carefully removed them then super-glued them together to make the doll……

The back of the skull and bottom were moulded off a copper oil lamp. The front bodice was moulded on a resin Buddha statue. The face was moulded off a previous art doll project I had made. The roses, eye, feet, chain hands and elaborate peacock train tail are all hand crafted for extra detail.

The arms and tail are fully articulated and the she is fully supported on 4 peg styled legs.

Is it OCD or talent that I possess? or is talent perceived as a result of the OCD? I see now the repetitive perfectionist tendencies that some tutors encouraged and others wanted me to relax. The devil is in the detail and I love that. 

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  1. Wow! I was stunned by the skull…then stunned again by the puppet pic (and your description of how it came about) and then AGAIN by the doll!! I read this whole entry with my mouth open! In a good way!
    It’s definitely talent you have…and a LOT of patience!! 🙂


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